What's better - the hot or the cold lobster roll? (need answer kinda fast)

Going to an outdoor concert tonight. Found out they will have a lobster roll food truck (voted #1 food truck in Detroit, apparently). I’ve had plenty of lobster, but never a classic lobster shack-style lobster roll. They have both hot and cold rolls on their menu. Which is the ‘better’ roll? I think I’ve heard the cold roll is preferred.

Leaving in about 2 hours…

Hot roll, butter, no mayo is my preference.

Hot lobster with melted butter on a toasted roll. Best kind.

Why not both?

But hot, butter, no mayo is my pref.

Cold. Especially if you’re at an outdoor concert in Detroit. Who wants a hot sandwich in this heat???

Hmmm…votes for 3 hots and a cold. @The_wind_of_my_soul, you have a point, but a hot lobstah roll with buttah does sounds good. I may make a last-minute change-up.

I agree with this 100%.

Although, I like the cold lobster rolls too.

I only had one lobster roll in my life. I was expecting hot, I didn’t know cold was a thing, and I was disappointed by it[s coldness.

This is the correct answer.

I have never in my life had a lobster roll but dammit, this thread has made me look up what it entails and now I want like six of the damned things. No mayo though but evertything else sounds amazing.

Lobster (and crab legs) are just a reason to consume melted butter.

Hot is best

So I went with the hot lobster roll with garlic, herbs and butter. And it was good!

Not cheap at $35 though. And not a whole lot of food. I know, it’s lobster, and it’s a food truck. My wife was like “$35? Yeah, no.” And got a burrito at another truck there, doing Mexican that we had gotten burritos at before at another concert in the park. For a little over a third of the price she got what I know to be a delicious burrito that probably had twice the calories.

But I regret nothing. I love lobster. I wanted to try a real lobster roll, But now that I have, I must confess I don’t find it to be the best lobster delivery system there is- stuff a hot dog roll with as much lobster as it can hold, and serve. Ok. Not as good as say, boiling a live lobster, cracking it open and savoring every morsel, and rolling the tips of asparagus spears in the tomalley… but still very good!

Kinda hungry now though… usually avoid the late-night snacks but…

$35 seems pretty steep.

I can get them in Chicago for $20 from a food truck.

Although one restaurant in Chicago has them for $45 which is a massive ripoff.

You’re in Detroit, not a hotbed of lobster rolls. $35 is pretty steep for a lobster roll, even on the coast of Maine. My favorite, at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, is $30 this year.

One our favorite food trucks. So good!

Mine too.

Before Covid I’d try to visit them once a month at least (I wish I could do more but even though a $20 lobster roll is a good deal $20 regularly for lunch is too much).

How is it that I knew the food truck the second I read that? They came to my apartment building last week as a special treat for the residents for resident appreciation month. So good.

I would think lobster rolls would be at their cheapest on the coast of Maine. Talk about locally sourced ingredients…

But the demand is incredibly high, and flatlanders will pay anything.