getting the popping P sound out of my lecture recordings


I use a simple USB headphone-mic set up to record some lectures and found that it works amazingly well. I put the mic a little above my mouth to reduce some of the noise that comes with P sounds (and S sounds), but is there anything else I can do to the mic to reduce that without muffling the sound overall?

Make a wind screen/pop filter. Basically pantyhose over a coat hanger and talk through that. It will kill any plosives or wind noise from your mouth.

Also, learn how to speak into a microphone. You can attenuate those harsh sounds yourself and still have it sound perfect. It’s also easier to edit if you’re doing it in software.

Fashion a little foam (foam rubber, not Styrofoam) ball, and put the mic inside that.

Here’s some step-by-step instructions if you want to get a little crafty.

Some say elevating your mike angle closer to the tip of your nose will get rid of the air blasts that cause popping p’s and still be clear. Mght look a little funny.

Not as funny as panty house over a coat hanger stuck between my mouth and a headphone! :wink:

Is there something around that house or that the hardware store would sell that might have said foam rubber in it that would work?

Sure, a seat cushion, but don’t let your wife catch you!

Learn how to speak without popping your p’s. Back when I was in college, it was just a matter of prounouncing the “p” a little more like a “b.” It’s not all that hard to pick up once you practice a bit.