Getting tired of trolls

Or, one could point out that your “recollection” is of something that never happened, and making claims that aren’t true in order to try to annoy people is much closer to the definition of trolling than something that didn’t actually happen.

YMMV, obviously.

I will note, of course, that it’s interesting how often have that ‘recollection’ pops up among people who can’t seem to actually rebut my arguments.
I wonder if I’d be allowed to ‘recall’ how often some of them have enthusiastically supported pedophilia?
Ah well.

This would be an example of the sort of behavior that some might misconstrue as trolling. It’s just abrasive.

Yes, in response to your fictional claims supporting your bullshit accusation of trolling, I pointed out that your claims have no merit and that if I engaged in similar behavior I’d draw down mod attention. You find that abrasive as you’d much rather use fiction to accuse me of trolling and not have the annoyance of having your argument’s bankruptcy pointed out.
That’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about. People who can’t actually refute the facts engage in the sort of behavior you’re exhibiting and get annoyed at how “abrasive” having their nonsense rebutted is.

Of course, I do find it amusing that you’re using fiction to craft a bullshit accusation of trolling and then getting upset at how “abrasive” it is for someone to defend himself against your nonsense. It’s amusing, is all.

If you want to call each other trolls, do it in the Pit, not here. This is closed.