Reverend Mykeru banned. SDMB Pit vultures rejoice.

So, let me get this straight: Reverend Mykeru posts a lot in the Pit, expresses perfectly viable (if offensive to some posters - boo hoo) opinions, gets flamed for it, defends himself, and gets banned, with the stated reason that he’s a troll (even though he only reacted to scorn heaped upon him)?

Unbelievable bullshit. The mutual masturbation and inconsistent moderation around here, always a problem, is getting worse.

And don’t give me the old “jerkish behavior” saw. If that were really a viable reason for banning, half of us would already be out on our asses.

This is simply a case of the SDMB Flame War Society not liking being beaten at its own game.

I liked the part where you supported him during the whole ordeal. Sorry, but he was trying to get a rise out of us, and it worked.

Dude, he titled his thread “How long will it take me to get banned.” or words to that effect.

You can’t honestly think he was here for intellegent discussion?

There is a certain pattern of repeated behaviour by some on this board. They find a person with controversial beliefs and badger him endlessly to put him on the defensive, and eventually his vigorous defense escalates into his lashing out against someone. At this point, the people who egged him on jump up and cry “HAHA, see he really is a jerk”, thus retroactively validating the provocation campaign they undertook against the controversial poster. I have a pretty large amount of scorn for this process and have decried it on the numerous occasions I’ve encountered it in the year of my membership here.

That said, I’m not entirely convinced that’s what went on here.

He was given friendly advice on multiple occasions by both Coldfire and Sauron, among others. He could have easily started contributing his “unpopular opinions” in GD - lots of posters in those forums don’t even post in the pit and wouldn’t even know what was going on here. Instead, he continued to froth at the mouth here. So yeah, I think he was trolling.

Well, I suppose we’ll have to do this ritual as well.

Mea Culpa. I have a small penis, and as such felt threatened by the presence of a man of such whit and eloquence, as Reverend Mykeru.

His mere existence makes me feel insecure. His flames made me cringe. I even shit my pants.

Other than that, I’m a Nazi that doesn’t tolerate differing opinions.

That’s about the gist of it, right?

I’m also a Nazi with horrible grammar skills.

You forgot to make fun of your Dutchness.

Hmmm Good argument actually. Of course if you right then we should start taking bets on when you will be banned <b>Ogre</b>. :wink:

I need to learn to code.

I’m new here :dubious:

The biggest problem was with him being a you-know-what. It was fairly obvious. It’s against the rules, so he was banned. He knew he was going to be banned, and he got what he wanted in the end.

I did support him. You will find the relevant posts on my website. I did not jump in here, as if it matters at all, because I didn’t think he would actually be banned for defending himself against a Pit onslaught.

I was mistaken.

He’s obviously intelligent, and he made his points in a highly intelligent manner.

Understood, but I am convinced that’s precisely what happened. The Rev is obviously very intelligent and sarcastic, and he was banned because 1) The regular Pit crew got their asses handed to them, and 2) Lynn Bodoni didn’t like the cut of his jib, so to speak.

Damn. I had 2/26 1:00pm. Who had 1:44 pm?

While he was an ass, I hate to see him banned. You just know he’s sitting back with a smug “I beat 'em into submission” grin on his face.

Ogre: See my post above. He was intelligent - so what? What’s that got to do with anything. He was banned primarily for the reason I already stated.

Ogre, bannings are decisions made by the entire staff, barring the odd spammer or two. Lynn just executed the verdict reached by general concensus.

No, but your dismissive attitude is pretty reprehensible.

Yes? And that means that he was here for intelligent discussion how, exactly?

A person can be smart and still be out to troll or rile people up.

She banned him because he’s … circumcised?


I gotta disagree with you on this one, Ogre. If a guy continually pokes a rattlesnake with a stick, and is told time and again “You’re going to get bitten,” and even says to the world at large “Eventually this snake is going to bite me,” no one should express surprise, or even sorrow, when the snake does indeed bite him.

Could he flame as good as he got? For the most part, yes. The problem is, that’s all he seemed to want to do.

Heh, you said prehensile.