Reverend Mykeru's Ban Countdown Clock

Here we go:

Someone starts a thread about ripping MP3s and creating CDs for personal use. I do it myself, having a Yepp MP3 player. Moderator shuts down the thread because he can’t tell the difference between ripping MP3s, file sharing and Intellectual Property Rights violations (hint: You can rip MP3s off CDs you bought, make compilation CDs, make tapes, even copy the lyrics down on a legal pad).

Someone notes that the moderator was in the right because the Chicago reader could get sued. Sued for what, I ask? Can you give me some precedence for this? I get the usual snotty answer from some SDMB regulars, the “look this up” gambit to save someone the trouble of making their own point, but do get some info from one poster. Apparently AOL was sued once to reveral the name of a subscriber. Interesting, not a fucking thing to do with a forum where people can use bogus information and a disposable hotmail account to register. Same goes for the interesting libel issues. I thank poster, but note that’s it’s pretty irrelevant to the issue at hand. You know, the OP. Of course, stupidity drift dictates that people should for get the point within 5 posts or so and this is born out. Discussion becomes a discussion about the discussion. I try to bail before that happens. I am accused of cowardice and SDMB regulars plan an eternity feasting with the immortals. I reiterate that it’s just fucking irrelevant even if the moderator’s reasoning wasn’t the dumbest thing since My Mother the Car. I am slagged for not thanking one poster, even though I did thank thank said poster while slagging other poster for being a prick.

Oh, and then it happens:

Shudder. I am being watched. When others rack up a few posts that’s good and eventually makes them omniscient. In my case it’s an “unhealthy fascination”. Not only am I being discussed, but it is likely that I am on double secret probation.

So, the message is clear: Don’t argue with us or the regulars. You will agree. You will roll over even when a regular shows absolutely no ability to read English whatsoever. You will conform. If someone slags you you will like it.

I’m too damn amused. All this information technology only to return to feudalism and/or the internet equivalent of Strange Fruit.

Goodnight, folks.

If you’re starting a pool, I’ll put $20 on ‘2003’.

First come first serve, after all.

how is it secret probation if they told you?

You misspelled “goodbye.”

Self fufilling prophecy is always the most efficient kind.

What the everloving Loki [edited for Libertarian’s sake, remembering a promise I made to him]? What is your strange fascination with us?

Look, I can’t stand the people on a certain forum who (IMHO) take Gloria Steinem’s name in vein. I think they’re snotty, anti-intellectual pseudofeminists who would rather pursue vituperative vendettas than engage in a friendly, thoughtful conversation. The closest I’ve ever come to an online meltdown was on their forums, over one ill-advised weekend last year.

You know how I dealt with it?



If you hate us so freakin’ much, don’t you have something better to do with your time?

Look: . Learn to cook. It’s fun!


I’d almost find it funny if you weren’t seemingly working so damned hard to get on people’s bad side. You could have used the term “lynch mob” which has less loaded connotation than Billie Holliday’s song title, or perhaps “peasants with torches and pitchforks” for extra snottiness. Hint: Those people she sung about weren’t lynched for expressing unpopular opinions in hostile/semi-jerkish/“strong” manners, they were lynched for being black in the wrong place at the wrong time.

gasp Imagine that. Someone manages to stir up a couple shitstorms in about 100 posts, and they draw attention, fancy that.

Earth to the Rev: Coldie was giving you a polite hint. Take it and use it.

I suppose if you’d provided a link, we’d have been able to see for ourselves whether the moderator really made an error of judgment (human after all? surely not!) or whether the thread was closed to prevent the inevitable wandering off into shaky legal territory Closing a borderline topic thread has got to be simpler than watching it constantly until some ass shambles in and starts burping out illegal advice. You can’t blame them for wanting to make their job a little less complicated now, can you?

Heh. Sure, if that’s what you want to believe.

Perhaps it’s the fact that as of now, you have precisely three out of 110+ posts outside of the BBQ Pit? Maybe it’s because of stuff like this that the staff might not be too pleased with your stay here so far?

Nah. It must be a vendetta against poor Reverend Mykeru.



With no vitriol at all, then, I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors, and hope you find a place to hang out that you enjoy hanging out at.


Strange Fruit!? That some kind of persecution complex you got goin’ if you are really comparing the Coldfire’s actions to a lynching.


And you reply

Obviously a falsehood.

It has always been the ultimate question to me: Why would you want to continue to debate people who hate you? Why are you still here? Why do you read these threads, after you have declared that you have better things to do.

It’s simple human vanity. You **

C’mon Sam. Spit it out.

That’s a bold statement there, Sam.

Alright, everyone. Grab your torches and pitchforks. We have a target worth our vitrol now.

Look, what’s that over there?

grabs torch, joins the parade

I don’t have a pitchfork. Will a salad fork do?

Reverend Mykeru, you have my complete sympathy - or maybe it’s pity, I’m not sure. It must be terrible to be so lonely that you seek negative attention by pointlessly stirring up shit on a great message board like this. Sweetie, you can find real life friends if you try hard enough; you’ll certainly have to risk (and accept) some rejection, but if you persist you will eventually find a group of like-minded individuals who will enjoy your company.

Did you really think that we are all so stupid that we didn’t spot your intention within your first few posts? However, we are not nearly as intolerant and obnoxious a group as you would like to think; many intelligent, articulate, and much-enjoyed posters here now got off to some sort of rocky start. They were chastised when they deserved it (as you have been) and encouraged when they participated in the true spirit of this board, and began to modify their behavior so that they could earn a respected spot of their own here.

You have the same opportunity as these now-valued posters to earn yourself a respected place in this unique community. Most of us are pretty forgiving of an intelligent poster who makes an effort to contribute to the board in some way instead of deliberately being annoying. I’m sorry, but that is all you are - annoying - because you are not actually shocking anyone or earning respect for your ‘independent, forthright, and controversial’ attitude. We’re all pretty much independent, forthright, and controversial - that’s why this place is so much fun! And we get to polish some of our rough edges by bouncing off of each other frequently.

Take a good look around the boards - aren’t there at least a few posters that you would feel proud to have post a “Well done, Reverend Mykeru!”? Wouldn’t it feel good to post your latest tragedy or funny story in MPSIMS and receive either sympathy or pleased laughter from the Teeming Millions? (Laughing with you, not at you.)

And that link Coldfire provided - that’s shameful. I hope you are a teenager, because any adult would surely not stoop low enough to make such a sneaky, cowardly, underhanded attack on another poster. Maybe you don’t realize what it looks like to ‘outsiders’ - the message I see there is “I got my ass handed to me on the SDMB, and since I can’t cut the mustard there I’m getting my revenge and pretending to be brave by posting this secret (maybe double secret?) trash-a-defenseless-stranger webpage.” Do you really expect kudos from anyone but a few cowardly losers who try to bolster their self-esteem in the same way?

Sweetie, you can do better than this - I know you can. I bet you’d have a great time over in GD if you actually participated honestly in any of the debates there.

Give it some thought, okay?

If you think it can handle Strange Fruit. :smiley: