Flame about childish rants in the BBQ-pit

I’m getting really tired of people starting threads here for small everyday gripes.

*- My family is so messed up.

  • Someone dared invade my privacy by calling me at 9.00 p.m.
  • Doesn’t is suck big time that so-and-so is being seen on TV.*

C’mon people.
The description of the pit states that “all complaints and (omitted) SMDB”, not your every day petty little problems.

This is the SMDB. Arguably a collection of the smartest people on the web. Show a little more inventiveness. Don’t post your mundane troubles here. They do not interest me. With people being sloppy about titles in the thread, and a server that works extremely slow at times, it annoys me to no end to click on a thread and discover that it’s some whiny teenager complaining that his brother of 14 is a donkey’s orifice.

Don’t post your meaningless little private rants here in order to seek justification and affirmation from people replying: “Yeah, that sucks!” Get a grip on yourself and deal with your problems.

Or at least – mark thread accordingly.

Gotta love that irony. :wink:

I know!:smiley:

Date Registered: 05-03-2002

Hmmmm. :rolleyes:

It’s quite confusing having a Gaspode and a The Gaspode

Jeez, you don’t have to be such a poopy head. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y’know, my family is so messed up, my mother dared to invade my privacy by calling me at 9.00 p.m. just to tell me that some so-and-so is being seen on TV.

That sucks, big time.

But I had such a baaaaaaaaaaaaad day I gotta whine somewhere and the people at work are tired of listening to me and my rabbit just got run over by a steam roller and there was still no splatterage and there’s nothing on TV and my internet connection is sooooooooooo slow at home and I wish that people would shower in the mornings and brush their teeth and don’t leave the toilet seat up and don’t pick on the animals and while I’m here please don’t telemarket anything to me or talk to me about banks but you can tell me about your friend who is not a friend and people who use fricken instead of the other poopy head words and then you can insult my limey friends and tell me that Star Trek is better than Star Wars and that people who wear bathrobes are just murderers and how to cuss without a curse, or that god is really og in disguise and he shall smite the world and Hi Opal, but I really hate my sister (and I don’t even have one), or that the homeless are so much more richer than I am and that work sux and I wanna live the rest of my life and not have it taken over by the fascists who run my place of work …



Yeah, after three years of staying away. Hasn’t change.

Ok, I just thought you got here and was bitching. Carry on.

Or: stay out of this forum if you don’t like it. That could help with your disenchantment.

Three years away is only just got here. Three years away means that the last time he was here was just months after the modern board started. We’ve seen a lot of changes since then. The board now is not the board then. It has ten times as many people for a start.

I see these “don’t talk about what I don’t want you to talk about” whinges as rather pointless myself. Post what you like (within the rules and without taking the piss) and the free market that are the Dopers will decide what they like and don’t like.

Nobody ever said you had to read every thread.


I don’t know, I just got here and I really like what I see. I don’t read every thread in every forum, I just read what seems interesting to me (mostly the car-talk stuff). For the most part, everyone here posts way more thoughtfully, coherent, and classier than any other board I’ve been on. If I see a title that doesn’t appeal to me, I just don’t read it. Or sometimes, I’ll read the OP and just never return to the thread.

Besides, what’s wrong with people complaining about things in their lives? They are obviously upset with something (even though it may seem trivial to you…and maybe it is trivial), but that shouldn’t prevent them from venting. I see it as a type of “mini-therapy”.

When I get annoyed with boards I am on, I just take a break (maybe not three years, but a break nonetheless), and it’s good to come back. If it hasn’t changed here, and that is the reason why you left in the first place, perhaps this isn’t the place for you?

Is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read every thread?

I wasn’t away because of the SDMB, but due to other factors in my life.

  • I still think, there is a lot of pointless whining, now, as then. To flame someone in your family, here, is as meaningless as xeroxing the same rant and going around, pasting it in your neighbourhood. Deal with it, instead.

Apparently the name has:

Damn. I’ve been griping about my family in the wrong forum. My bad. :smiley:

Welcome, to the, internet, Sparky. It’s, that way, all over, the, place. Your approval, is neither, solicited, nor of interest.

Can you even for a second realize how hypocritical your OP sounds. You start a pit rant over how unearthshaking the complaints of the SDMB posters are In You Humble Opinion and go on to complain about how tired your are of reading them. How’s this for a simple solution–don’t read them.

You are mess of contradictions–registered a scant 10 days ago yet claimed to have stayed away for 3 years. Please explain this to me like I am 3 years old cause I just don’t understand.

Did you peek in sometime in 1999 and were so repulsed by the triviality of the threads that it took you 3 years to recover?

Have you been imprisoned?

Have you been meditating in the desert on how to solve the world shattering problem of people choosing this forum to speak about things that are important to them, if not to you.

Let me give you a clue, this board is not about you. Sorry it just isn’t. It is for you to use as an outlet for your thoughts and feelings just as it is for every registered member, but it is not about you. It is downright arrogant for you to presume that members of the SDMB are unable to deal with our own problems. We deal and then we rant. It’s called venting. Maybe you should try it sometime. Maybe you wouldn’t come off as an uptight prick who overestimates the importance of his opinion.

If you don’t like the arrangement, then don’t participate. Get over yourself.

I’m terribly sorry you can’t tell from a thread title if it’s going to interest you or not and I’m terribly sorry you have a problem with the speed of the Boards. My sympathy for your petty little plight is called empathy. Something you might look into.

I like to read other people’s pointless whining because 1) I might see a similarity to the whine-ee in myself that needs changing, 2) I might have a similar situation and emphathize (there’s that word again!), or 3) I might find that my own troubles seem a little less important when I see that someone else has bigger troubles.

And caught@work, to provide us with your little example rant it is obvious you have been reading everyone’s petty little rants. I’m curious, while you’re being forced to read about people’s petty problems, Opal and og, do you scream in your head to all those petty ranters, “Shut the fuck up?” Maybe you should go away from the Boards for a while and chill out. Anger and vitrol are not good for your health.

Ala Italia I think caught at work was just illustrating that he has been reading all the posts that are referred to his post and that the shut the fuck up was directed at the OP, not to posters or threads referenced therein.

At least I hope so.

I re-registerd, since I couldn’t even remember the nick I used then. I participated on AFCA, before that, and started reading the columns in 1984.

Why I haven’t been around and posting for three years is not your business.

The outrage this has provoked so far can only come from me hitting a sore spot. So maybe I’m right then. ::evil grin::

BTW: I can whine about the bord, as much as other people can whine about whatever. If YOU GUYS in turn stay away from this thread, as you urge me to do about others, then your sensitive minds will not be exposed to my certain lack of empathy in what is clearly labled “flame”

And I still think that many threads in the pit are pointless and childish. They belong in IMHO.

And I’m not refering to any specific thread.