Flame about childish rants in the BBQ-pit

Oh. My bad. Sorry, caught@work.

I do agree with **The Gaspode **that many threads should not be in the Pit but in IMHO. My guess is that people post in the Pit instead of IMHO because they want to use cuss words.

Ya know what, pard – you’re right, some of the rants here are childish and stupid. But members here have as much right to post the childish and stupid as they do to post the earth-shattering and thought-provoking. You don’t like it? Sorry. Take your own advice.

Outrage? Nah. Just tired of dealing with people who think they’re the arbiters of taste and intellect.

For the record, I’d like all of you pissants to know that MY problems are significant and pitworthy. My hangnails are at least as important as your third-world malnutrition worries.

Just so you now. Consider yourself informed. I’ll rant about staic cling whenever I bloody well feel like it.


This place give people a place to vent about things going on in their lives. Is there something wrong with that?
Go away for 3 more years and check back in.

I really couldn’t care less why you haven’t been here. You are right–it is none of my business [sub]but I’m guessing prison[/sub].

As far as the responses to your lame rant, I wouldn’t call them outraged, it’s more like the feeling you get when you are talking to grinning idiot who. .just. .doesn’t. .get. .it. Compassionate pity perhaps.

While you are perfectly entitled to “whine about the bord”(sic) as much as you see fit and in as incoherent a manner as you have shown thus far, it is presumptious of you to say where a thread does and does not belong. I believe mods have the capacity to make that determination but you do not. So shut up about already Ok?

That Gaspode fled the boards rather than defend a truly pitiful pit-thread he started for me last year. My only pit thread, too. And on my birthday.

[sub]Hey, you called me a fuckwit. You knob! :D[/sub]

Am I the only one who’s getting a faint whiff of “Eau de Under the Bridge” here?

Damn. I’m overdosing on irony. At least The Gaspode seems to realize the irony behind starting a pit thread with a mundane gripe about pit threads with mundane gripes. But what really gets me is when The Mermaid comes in, accuses him of being hippocritical and then offers a quadruple dose of hippocriticism.

1.) She rants about him ranting about rants.

2.) She tells him “We deal and then we rant. It’s called venting - Why don’t you try it sometime” in a thread starting by his rant.

3.) She posts twice in the thread and tells him to shut up about other people’s rants.

4.) Lastly, she accuses him of just…not…getting…it
Oh, the irony. Motes, logs, and, eyes, and all that.

Oh Beeblebrox, are you ranting about rants that are ranting about rants?


The Gaspode, you stupid dummy-pee-head!!!

No, that’s what The Mermaid is doing. You are one off in the calculation of the exponent. I’m ranting about rants that are ranting about rants that are ranting about rants, or rant[sup]5[/sup] if you prefer.

or something :).



If you are going to say something about me, you should just go ahead and say it to me dontcha think?

  1. The forum description is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of everything that is allowed to be talked about it The Pit. That bit about “complaints regarding the administraion of the SDMB” is so people don’t put their “Why Coldie is a Nazi bastard and what I did on my summer vacation” threads in ATMB.
  2. Bitching about stupid little shit is one of the main purposes for this forum, at least it has been for a long time. The reason for some of these threads may be petty, but there are people here who can make a bad encounter in the supermarket checkout read like Paradise Fucking Lost. I suggest you do a search on Fenris or jarbabyj.
  3. No.
  4. You do not make the rules for us. You are a silly child. Neener neener.

A literary excerpt as a gift from Fenris to everyone in the thread. Except the OP, who presumably is already aware of it.

“Most interesting” Spock said.

His eyes returned to Kirk. “During Mr. Galloway’s emotional outburst–his expressions of hatred and lust for vengance-- the alien’s life-energy level increased. When the lieutenant became unconscious, the alien lost energy.”

“A being that subsists on the emotions of others.” Kirk said.

“Such creatures are not unknown, Captain. I refer you tthe Drella of Alpha Carinae Five – energy creatures who are nourished by the cooperation of love they feel for one another.” He had neared the crystal and was looking up at it, composed and calm “This creature appears to be strenghtened by mental radiations of hostility, by violent intentions…”

It feeds – on hate!" Complete illumination dawned on Kirk.

“Yes, to put it simply, Captain. And it has acted as a catalyst to create this situation in order to satisfy that need. It has drawn fighting forces together, supplied crude weapons to promote the most most violent mode of conflict.”

I print this excerpt from Star Trek 11 “Day of the Dove” by James Blish for no reason at all, beyond the most pure of artistic motives. “Art for art’s sake” I always say.

Fenris, art-lover

And I’d like to point out twice I have been accused of being hippocritical. I am not a hippocrit and I highly resent the implication.

I demand that someone show me somewhere, anywhere that I have criticised hippos or rhinos even.

I will not let my character be besmirched this manner! I demand a full retraction, an apology and chocolates before the sun sets this very day!!!

That would make for a very confusing thread. And where would you put it?

and flowers and jewelery and cookies. Those pepperidge farm milano’s are very nice, crisp cookie with chocolate mmmmmmmmm

Oh where was I?

Yes, retribution must be made before the sun sets this very day!!!

Then email a mod. Christ.

(One of these days, maybe more of the supposedly highly intelligent people on here will comprehend that merely posting “DNFTT” or variations thereof IS ALSO FEEDING THE MOTHERFUCKING TROLLS.)

No one thinks you’re cool for mentioning it. You don’t get a gold star for being the First To Spot A Potential Troll…you just eat bandwidth and get another notch on your post-count belt…and in the process, you feed the muthafuckin troll.

I’d apologize for hijacking the thread, except I really don’t feel bad about it.

:: Looks up and down the thread. ::

:: Wonders who, exactly, used the “T” word first ::

I think you’re cool, Hama. I don’t care what the other kids say!

      :)   :)
:):):)      :):):)
  :)           :) 
    :)   :)  :)
   :) :)   :) :)
  :)           :)  

For Hama, because a star’s as good as a hug!

Y’know, anyone ever tell you that you’re hot when you’re stern?

I call dibbies on Hama being strict with me next! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, you do deserve a spanking or something for that crappy-looking star.:stuck_out_tongue: