SDMB is so hostile these days (not just the pit)

Lately my enjoyment of these forums has been severely hindered by how rude certain people are. So many intellectuals just get arrogant and pompous, how do you learn that way? what benifit do you get from putting down others in these ways. Of course i have no problem with venting in the pit and the language that comes with it…but when some assholes pick on individuals for things like spelling or grammar…it’s just unpleasant. Yes i realize you are smart, you are capable or pointing out peoples grammatical errors…judgemental gets you nowhere…hope it feels nice. I take an un-educated close-minded person over an arrogant “intellectual” anyday. I of course realize hordes of people will now point out typing errors and say how bad of a pit this is blah blah blah…I just wonder if anyone will agree there are some serious egos here

There are, and mine’s the best.

This is a largely text-based medium. As such, your ability to express/represent yourself textually can determine what reactions you incite. If you are the sort who do not use punctuation/capitalization well (or, in some cases, much at all), if you are fond of random sentence fragments, you will probably not be received as well as someone else who takes the time to make sure their post(s) look right.

Hmm. Oddly, I never noticed. I guess I see most of the anger focused outward - there are pittings and calling-outs, but to me it seems even less hostile than when I joined.

But, hey, here you go: I love all of you!

Lying scum-sucking bastard! I’m way better than you!

Totally in agreement, OP. I wonder sometimes if rude people on the SDMB are as nasty in real life, but then I don’t care because they all live far, far away :slight_smile:

People are hateful because they are unhappy, though, so I kind of feel sorry for the ones I find to be total assholes. They must have really shitty lives.

There’s some good folks on here, too, though (I think Roadwalker and Vanilla wouldn’t mind to serve as examples of niceness), it’s just that the ugly ones are louder.

And of course it’s entirely their doing that their lives could be better. The posters who are assholes to you are all unhappy, too, and their quality of life is completely their doing as well.

Was that all the strawmen, or did I miss one?

On the contrary, I am constantly amazed by how Dopers are so patient even in the BBQ Pit, especially with total idiots. (e.g: ** milroyj ** in the Rumsfeld thread)

:smiley: Someone had to! (I bet I missed some in my quick parsing of that post…)

Yup. I did…

If you’re a dumb-fuck, mouth-breather you’re not going to make it long around here–in OR out of the Pit.

If you don’t have a basic grasp of logic and the scientific method-- you probably belong somewhere else.

(BTW, I am referring to no one in particular in this post.)

I find that Dopers cut a good deal of slack on things such as simple grammer and punctuation mistakes. But if you come in here talking about how you believe in ghosts, goblins, Nessie, Sasquatch or God-- look out!! That’s what I love about this place. Most here realize that all of the above myths and fairy-tales are indeed just that–unless and until they can proven to exist.

Chuckleheads, keep out.

Oh dear. Let’s please not go down that road again lest Lib trot out, for the fifty billionth time, the modal ontological argument for the existence of God?:smiley:

No! Do not speak the name of the beast!


Eat shit uncle fucker.

do I have to include this is a joke? It kind of wrecks the effect don’t cha think?

Ha. You’re both bottom-dwelling scuz-buckets. I’m WAAAAAY better than both of youse.


Yeah, I should trot out something original like abortion, or Bush v Clinton, or evolution. Or I could bash a fellow member who respects me — that’s always good for laughs.

Huh? Speak for yourself. Personally, I might become hostile towards stupid people in a heated debate (well, heated Pit thread). It has nothing to do with my happiness outside the SDMB, and everything with my frustration when dealing with repeated and inoperable ignorance.

Coldfire, I hope this doesn’t spook you out, but I like you. We’ve had a falling out or two, but that was my bad, not yours. There’s something about you that seems centered, or… I don’t know… balanced. You’re thankful for American help when it was needed, but aren’t afraid to call out American leaders when they act like bullies. Plus, your command of the nuances of American English is remarkable. Anyway, while I have the chance, I just want to apologize for being mean to you before.

Perhaps in your zeal to praise Coldfire you misinterpreted my post as an attack against you rather than a light warning toward another poster not to belittle others’ beliefs lest a seasoned veteran take him/her to task:)

I personally find Anselm’s proof much more convincing than any human-based logic. It allows for much more freedom of expression and proof, not to mention the fact that it avoids so much theological trapping and dogmatic burden. But then, logic and philosophy are not my first loves:)

Thank you, Lib, for the kind words. You’re not completely horrible all the time either. :wink: