UncleBeer - What's your problem?

In this thread, which was a serious discussion among interested adults, you come in like an idiot drunkard and accuse us of “not fighting ignorance”. We certainly were, by sorting out things in normal conversation, or were until you turned an ATMB thread into a one of your lame pit rants and it turned sour and was closed.

Even with editing it reads like you were born in a barn.

So, the question before us is **UncleBeer - What’s your problem? **
Is it that you don’t think that you can ever win a rational conversation, so you try to play the jerk to prevent one from continuing?
Are you actually posting drunk? That would explain a lot, if it were true.
Are you just a jerk all the time, on and off line?
Are you a milquetoast at home and working out your frustrations here?
Are you devoid of a real life and think this pit talk is what life is like everywhere?
Off your medication?
Off your feed?
So, the question before us is **UncleBeer - What’s your problem? **
[sup](And if you think I DO really give a damn about you and your problems then you ARE beyond medical help.)[/sup]

Umm Pit Meister whats your problem here? I read the whole thread and agree with UncleBeer. Hell there was a time when I was slightly pissed at him for talking about banning me for something stupid I did. Did I get all pissy and whine like a lil’ bitch? Fuck no. How about you are you a jerk all the time? Most likely. Are you posting drunk? Hell if I know. Quit your bitchin’ and leave it alone

get a life

hehe I beat oldscratch to it by one minute damn I’m good

and no I’m not telling Tiki to get a life. Although he may or may not need one depending on his circumstances. I’m talking to finkle nut up there

I figured you weren’t throwing that remark towards me and that it was towards How you say? finkle nut up there

I think his response was perfectly reasonable. Maybe as a moderator he gets a little annoyed when jackasses such as yourself try to pass off wild speculation as accepted fact in regard to matters pertaining to the way the SDMB is administered. And it was just you he accused of not fighting ignorance. Your end of the “conversation” wasn’t even relevant to the OP’s question. Also, you were indirectly criticizing board policy, which is not what ATMB is for.

Damn, it was bad enough being subjected to your whine the first time, now you’re whining about UncleBeer’s response to the initial whine. Just fuck off if that’s all you’ve got to add around here.

Lovely, ** another one ** :rolleyes:

I think Finkle Nut would be a great band name!

There are times when I think certain posters are like flies banging their heads against a window pane. They think that they’ll reach the light by banging their head repeatedly against the glass, but if they’d just fly backwards and realize that they were attempting to reach it through an impermeable sheet of glass, then maybe they’d think to themselves “Gee, I’m trying to get into the light by banging my head against an impermeable sheet of glass. That’s fucked up.” and then abandon the light and munch on the crumbs sitting on the floor.

Are you talking about UncleBeer here oe Pit Meister?

Pit’ems, my boy, come sit by the fire as ol’ Unca SPOOFE tells you a story.

See, this may “only” be a message board, and there may be some people who think you shouldn’t take yourself seriously, and there may be a way to turn iron into gold (but that’s beside the point).

Despite all the enlightenment, fun, and discussion that goes on at the SDMB, there’s also been some really bad shit. Let me repeat that. There’s been some really bad shit. Thankfully, it’s not the norm, but people don’t like dredging up past memories.

Look at your first quote in the OP. Look who you’re talking about. Look at how you’re referring to them… “I think…” That’s gossip. We don’t need no stinkin’ gossip. One of those people is someone whom a lot of people respect, and bringing up purely speculative notions about this person “possibly” violating board rules does a grave dishonor to that person.

So just shrug it off. 'Beer’s seen a lot of bad shit happen, and I know that he hates to see it happen. We all do.

1st: I do agree that speculation on whether or not some of the "old banneds’ are back under a new username is going to tick off the Mods- and with justification. We have been asked not to do that sorts of thing.

However, the original Op was a legit query, and-IMHO- interesting.

The only problem with good ol’ UncleBeer is that he’s not posting enuff lately. Or that he’s choosing to post in threads I’m not reading.

I hope it’s the latter. I’d hate to think Unc was paying more attention to his day job, or curling up by the fire with a good dense Russian novel, or hanging out with girls, or stuff like that.

Get your facts straight.

  1. Melin was banned. she didn’t “abandon the board in favour of Fathom” as you put it. The Administration felt it was the best move to remove her posting privileges, which they did.

note: I’m not trying to dig up Melingate all over again. It has been done over and over again, and I wish to let sleeping dogs lie.
2. Melin will get her husband, Highlander, to post if she feels that she has to reply to something that is happening, for example, if one of her friends on this board is ill and there is a thread about it. Melin was not banned for trolling behaviour.

If your going to unleash your dogs of war (ha!), its best to make sure that you have somethiing to rant about, let alone have your facts straight.
And what is the deal with the recent outburst in Mod-bashing? Are Mu-Mu and Piano recruiting or something?
on second thoughts

PM. Although, upon further reflection, I make no sense at four in the morning.

What’s my problem? I’m a dick. Deal with it.

I love that answer.

Thank you, Freedom. I’m very certain I’ll take some crap for it from somebody somewhere down the line, but … it seemed so right at the moment.

Whaddaya say Uke? Need some more Vernor’s? Why don’t ya make another trip west and I’ll hook ya up.


I don’t often Laugh Out Loud reading posts here, but your response was just so right.

That was perfect.