Hey UncleBeer, explain?

You closed this thread:
because you said

How is the board not a place to reach out to friends? What was inapproprate?

I’m just here for an explaination. If you want to flame Unclebeer, do it some where else.

Uncle beer please explain your actions and understand that we all need advice at times and she was useing this message board for that advice I think in the future you should think about that


The advice wasn’t the problem, I think. However, the message board is not the place to be having a relationship discussion between the two of you. THAT goes to email, or the phone.

I think that’s what UncBeer meant. If I’m wrong, I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to tell me so…

It’s MY personal opinion…which was not asked for, but heck, it’s a public base…that the MB is not a place for people to work out their sophomoric and inane relationship problems WITH EACH OTHER.

If it was just advice or venting I could see it…but it rapidly deteriorated into y’all alternately bitching at and kissing up to each other.

Me, personally, if I want to see THAT bullshit again, I’ll go back to middle school.

Why the fuck were you reading it then, hmmmm, Hamadryad?

well if we wanted to her your opinion we would have asked for it but we didnt so shut the fuck up and in the future i hope you get fucked over and noone will stand by your side because you suck.

sorry all I hate people that stick thier heads up thier asses and expect the world to see thier shit


Okay, both of you are acting like fucking 12 year olds. This is a PUBLIC MESSAGE BOARD. If you don’t want opinions from the people who post here, TAKE IT TO FUCKING EMAIL!

Otherwise, sit down and shut the fuck up. Jesus.

Why did you feel obliged to share your problems on a public messageboard instead of sorting them out in private?

(And, by the way, this isn’t a flame, but rather a genuine question)

Matt, I came here for support. I got it. I also got the feeling that there were people who cared, so I wanted to keep them informed. So I did. I guess I’m being sophmoric… :rolleyes:

I am sorry falcon my post was not at you i understand where you are coming from mine is at hamadryad in the fact that she did stick her head up her ass sorry about the mix up and matt i didnt put this up it was all on relic and it was because she had noone else to turn to and she needed the help then sorry you all cant see how much some people need the help of others sorry for ever posting


I’m glad that you felt supported, relic, and I hope that what people said helped you, but maybe the thread was closed because it became quite private between you and sailorboy? Support can make a hell of a difference, but when it’s just the two of you posting, well, maybe some things are best dealt with privately.

Sorry, this isn’t very Pit-ish, is it?

Isn’t the pit the place questions to Moderators? Does every pit thread have to be a flame-fest? All thats needed is an explination from UncleBeer. After that, the thread can be closed. I don’t care about anything else. If you want to flame me and Sailorboy, start another thread.

I won’t speak for UncleBeer, but looking at it I can see the reason why it was closed was because it was becoming a personal matter strictly between two people. If it was just relic looking for support, it probably would have been allowed to stay. But it became too much of a persoanl thread to be allowed to stay.

And Sailorboy? Remember. Punctuation is our friend.

Thanks Euty. close this of you want, any Mod that comes by.

I believe that Falcon was right on target with her answer to you Relic. I come to this board for support when I need to, and I have been known to make remarks about my husband in some threads, for the most part in jest.

Most of us are willing to support other posters here when they are down and hurting. And there are very kind, caring people here.

** But ** no one wants to see a couple fighting and making cutting remarks to one another here.

BTW, This isn’t meant as a flame and I hope you won’t take it as one.

I apoligize for that, but come on, everyone. Give us a break. We’re not perfect, we make mistakes. Get over it.

Thank you Ayesha that is all we asked for was a reason and falcon did give it. I go angry at hamadryad for her comment and that is where this tread got out of hand. Thank you all for the explaintion, And hamadryad when you read this take your head out your ass BITCH


relic, you could certainly have emailed UncleBeer rather than starting this thread if you wanted to. Your thread started out as looking for support, and turned into you and sailorboy having a private conversation on a public message board. Frankly, it turned into the Jerry Springer show. Posting on the board saying you are having problems, and then posting later saying you worked them out (or not) is completely different than the two of you having the discussion on the message board.

And Sailorboy, I suggest you try reading your posts before you post them. Notice how difficult it is to read stream-of-conscious posting? How about some punctutation?

Closing this at the request of the OP.