What’s up with our dear mod? He’s seems kinda edgy lately.

I think that’s what dubbele was talking about and he got squashedhere too.

It’s late and I’ve had a long day, and I’m not looking for a fight, just asking a question.

I hadn’t noticed, but I just wanted everyone to know that if it’s related to sexual frustration, I’m within driving distance and let me be the first to volunteer to head down there and give him a nice blowjob.

Ah, shit, that’s right, I’m married. Rats.

I see a mod dealing with trolls and malcontents.

Where’s the beef?

In Cranky’s mouth, aparently. :wink:

Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be a jerk.

How hard is that, folks?

UncleBeer was 100% in the clear, AFAICS. Although you may automatically equate “MOD” with “GOD,” as I do, they are, in fact, human. Thus they’re allowed to be edgy when they feel like it. I didn’t see anything very edgy about his posts, though.

Thank you, Dave.

I just splorted Froot Loops out through my nose.


Weirddave, you are brilliant.

And there’s nothing wrong with UncleBeer. He’s doing what he’s supposed to do.

THAT was edgy?

I’d hate to see what you call easygoing…

WEW, I think you could take the tone of your querying mind and apply it to the Mods here. They ain’t paid cash; they’re longtime members of this board who’ve seen just about every permutation of human typos that frequent these waves. In the course of seeing some idiotic past escalations, it’s better to set standards from the beginning.

I’m sorry to see UncleBeer have to act like a kindergarten teacher here, but after a couple of years seeing how some folks act with supposedly opposable thumbs on a keyboard, agree with that sad necessity. And I’m glad that the folks who take the lengthy gaze here to make it a better place, do.

He ain’t Edgy: He’s my brother…(:), sorry, UB, hadta doit)

Unclebeer is my hero. sigh

All I see is a pair of socks getting put down.

Nothing wrong with that.

Ironically I was reading through a thread (Why the lame columns lately?) yesterday in which the criticism was that Cecil was no longer edgy enough. Many Dopers enjoy edgy.

Plus you might get edgy, too, if you kept getting socks in your beer.

I for one think our dear uncle handled it with kids gloves. The sock shouldn’t have gotten a second warning. He’s lucky he wasn’t banned from the get go.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to clean up after the kids, you know.

Y’all have been pretty pleasant here, but I’ve seen how these things go. So, before anyone tees off on WEW, lemme requote his last statement.

I thought there might be some history here that I was not aware of. I didn’t know these guys were trouble makers.

FTR, I think Unclebeer does a great job, and he’s usually very reasonable, that’s why I asked. It seemed like he was cutting people off before they got a chance to say something, but if these guys are socks, trolls, and malcontents, then I would like to retract my OP.

Sorry Uncle, no hard feelings?

So you’re saying I’m supposed to go give him the blowjob? I don’t even know where he lives, and I told you, I’m married.

It’s not just that my husband would mind. It’s that married women don’t do that

Cranky, I was going to post that someone should tell my wife that married women don’t do that, but then I regained my reason.

Not at all. This is a fair inquiry. The members have described the situation so well’ they’ve left me nothing to respond to. In my not so enlightened opinion, the manner in which you went about this should serve as the prototype for this breed of query.

Thank you.