Three cheers for UncleBeer!

Three cheers for UncleBeer!

The hero of the SDMB nation
we owe him no respect or adulation

He does a thankless job for free
but it’s not helping me!

He deserves no latitude
or a smattering of gratitude

He’s the one we love to hate.
and heartily denigrate

Moderating a teeming crew of cranks
full of bitchy spanks

From moaning drama queens
venting angry, turgid spleens

He dis-respected my thread
and slapped me on the head!

I wish I could be a mod
for I would be a perfect God

And never bark and harshly reprimand
or bite a poster’s tender hand

Unlike that bad old UncleBeer
in meanness he truly has no peer

So fie on human mods I say
no one is worthy to judge me anyway

“wretch a roriceman…wretch a roriceman…”

If UncleBeer
Suddenly turned into a rooster, we would call him Chanticleer.
But as he coudn’t
I guess we probably shouldn’t.

Who’s UncleBeer?

I prefer calling him UnclePee

So now does he win the record for most concurrent pit threads?:smiley:

Poetry is better when you pick one meter and stick with it.

Doggerel too doggy? So soggy.

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but since I happen to like him, here you go.


It could be verse.

He’s heavily armed, you know.

We like anything with beer in it.

And he has lots of beer in him.

So we like him.


PS - I have lots of beer in me. I like it. And me.

I’ll drink to that!

Beer is good. UncleBeer must be good too.

I may have a different opinion when I wake up,

“For I have been to Ludlow fair
And left my necktie God knows where
And carried halfway home, or near,
Pints and quarts of UncleBeer.
Then down in lovely muck I’ve lain,
Happy til I woke again,
And saw the morning sun.”

Sorry, Mr. Houseman, but I’m a fellow whom it hurts to think and have taken your advice.

Beery bonhomie aside (Wow, I am a pretentious drunk) of all the people who I’ve been pissed off at (that reminds me, need to cut this post short or come back to it) since I started lurking at the SDMB, UncleBeer’s not one of 'em.

I fuckin’ love you man, you know? Remember that time when I posted something, and you posted something in reply? That was fuckin’ REAL, y’know? There was… posting… and it was… I don’t know… just… REAL, y’know?

I gotta go. I’ll be right back.

As long as he’s not full of that 3.2 crap…

[sup]Oh what the hell. I wouldn’t mind.[/sup]

Thank you, astro.

What’s wrong? Fall down in the loo and can’t get to your feet again?

UncleBeer… nectar of the mods.