Goddamnit, UncleBeer!!!

You almost gave me a heart attack. I saw this thread and thought I was being pitted. My whole life flashed in front of my eyes, while I scanned it for things that I might be about to get yelled at for.


And, he never gives us beer. Father Christmas brings us pressies, Father Time brings us time, Mother Nature gives us the goodness all around, and Uncle Beer? Squat.

Well, that probably took a while, then…

Not to be a jerk, but couldn’t you have just posted this in the other thread. Think of the hamsters.

Ethilrist: You realize, of course, that I now have to kick your ass…

Witty retorts?

Beer is better. You can catch slugs with beer. You can rinse your hair in beer. Some people even drink it.

Shrimp boiled in beer is great. Also, there is a beer batter used for frying fish and it is great, too. I never heard of people drinking the stuff, though.

It’s the Uncle thing that bothers me. Seems quite presumptious. He ain’t my uncle. I’m guessing that I’m not in his will.

Mister Beer or Herr Beer seems more apropriate.

You people are just evil and wrong. Beer is not for hair, slugs, shrimp or fish, it is for 2trew!

I’m glad you aren’t being pitted, OpalCat. Aside from your bizarre attitude towards otter sniffing, you seem like a pretty nice person.

Re: drinking beer… I’ve heard some people drink it straight from the goat :eek:

Beer comes from goats? So why have I been spending all this time raising llama?

I don’t call him “Uncle.” Some things are just wrong.

This calls for a beer…

Well, for god’s sake, don’t do it in that order!

[sub]Again with the straight lines![/sub]

Yeah, but who’s yer daddy? :smiley:

Jim Beam?

Toby Keith?

  1. People who fear being Pitted may have grounds to rethink why they think they might be.

  2. When come back, bring 3.14159265…

  3. Hi, Uncle Beer!