Happy Birthday, UncleBeer!

Yep. On this date a few short decades ago, UncaB hurtled into this crazy world, and began his careening path of Fighting Ignorance with the accompaniment of an ice cold beverage.

I suppose he’s out having a fine time today, doin’ all the things a birthday boy should. But maybe, as he peers through the post-celebration haze tommorry, he’ll get these well-wishes.

Happy Birthday, ya Scoundrel! You know how much I love ya…

Happy Birthday Hunky Uncy!! Hope you are having a great day!

Hippo birdie two ewe Unca Beer!

Happy Birthday UncleBeer!

Happy B-Day, Unka-bunka-burnin’-Beer!

I’d raise a mug of fine brew to ya, but Navy ship’s are dry. Would an ice cold glass of milk and a cookie do?

A pint of the plain in your honor… _/

Vitae Sine Cervesae Sugat
…life without beer sucks

Happy birthday, CousinWhiskey! May you be free from trolls for a goodly amount of time!

I would drink to you but i’m underage. :wink: Happy Birthday, Uncle Beer! happy HAPPY birthday!

I would never miss a chance to suck up to the great UncleBeer!

Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! If it wasn’t Sunday night over here and I didn’t have to get up early as hell tomorrow morning I’d have a couple of beers in your honor!

Happy birthday, man! I’ll be hoisting a pint in your honor this evening.

Happy Birthday Unca Bebe!

Hey, get your hands off my wife!

Have a great one, Unc! I think most highly of you, and wish you all the great stuff this weird-ass situation called life has to offer.

Many happy returns of the day, Unca!

I was wondering why me and Coldy were here by ourselves.

Happy BeerDay, Birth guy!

Happy birthday, have a great one! I’ll raise a… well, a root beer to ya!


You’re one of the reasons I got addicted to this place.

Have a great day.

Happy Day to you UncleBeer, and many more to come. :slight_smile:

Happiest of birthday’s, UncleBeer!

And may you have a wonderful year, too!


:::rolls in a big birthday cake:::

Ok, so it isn’t beer. It’s not a birthday party without cake. Dammit.

Have a good one.

Thanks elelle, and everyone. But why are you picking on an old man … with a hangover … and a bad shave?

Did I tell ya’ll this is the last birthday for yer old Uncle? Yep. Most of me is 39 years old now; my liver is, of course, much older.