Hey, UncleBeer, You're Laughable

Fuckwad, asshole, martinette, mewling shithead. Hey, it’s only a message board. A MESSAGE BOARD. You aren’t saving the world or anything. Get a real life for Christ’s sake.

There, I feel much better.



I believe plnnr’s talking about this.

Complaining on a message board about someone complaining on a message board about someone…

I’m either thinking “Physician, heal thyself” or “I wonder how many more levels of abstraction we need before Kevin Bacon appears in a poof of smoke”. Either way, I’m just as guilty.

Fortunately my real life is on hold, as I’m at work and not allowed to have a real life until this evening. Lucky, that.

Sometimes UncleBeer makes me laugh, which I guess makes him laughable.

No shit, Dick Tracy. I am, however, supposed to control the content of that forum.

But the question is, is he snuggably soft?

With his user name? I’d say he’s more ice cold than anything else.

He’s not heat filtered like those other moderators.

With all due respect, UncleBeer, anyone else – and I do believe anyone (without the moderator tag under their name) would have been either roundly scolded or even “warned” if they’d have posted the following personal insult in MPSIMS…

And worse still, you go on to admit…

I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so, but it’s my understanding that that type of behaviour is strictly forbidden in any forum outside The Pit. Especially as it seemed that you were posting the original personal insult as a poster, since I didn’t see any moderator hat on in that post.

You are certainly entitled to have formed a low opinion of him based on reading all his posts (whether as a moderator or not – sometimes even regular old posters check out all or most of a particular person’s posts to get a feel for them, even though they’re not doing so in an official capacity). That doesn’t, however, give any of US – including you – the right to make personal insults in the wrong forum just because we find someone to be a bit immature all around.

I think you were wrong and I think it sets a terrible example if those who are responsible for the content of these fora can’t follow their own rules.

I’d pooh-pooh this thread, but given how it started, I guess that would be repetitive.

Also with all due respect…

You said in that thread that you weren’t condemning the content (See Shayna’s quote above) but rather the poster. It seems to me that you, like Otto, should have just kept your distaste to yourselves and moved on. Just MHO

Which has jiminy-fuck-all to do with the thread in question. You came in, posted your snotty little remark in MSIPMS, which is frowned on anyway, and then reached in panic for your moderator hat when folks to issue with your opinion, not your moderator actions.

What moderator actions? If you’d locked the thread saying you needed to raise the tone, or e-mailed the OP, you’d be actually moderating. You weren’t. You were acting as a poster, acting like a jerk, and you got called on it.

A while back in a pit thread you opened, people felt that it wasn’t an onerous burden to be pitted by Moderators, since they should be treated as posters when their not obviously exercising their duties. I thought it was complete bullshit then, and I’m gratified to see you concur with my position, now.

UncleBeer - out of line.

Maybe it’s just me, but the mods seem to be getting snarkier these days. Maybe the pressure of the job’s a bit much or something. Maybe some of them need to take a sabbatical and go to charm school or something.

Oh for criminyfucksake - can’t Uncle Beer EVERY ONCE IN AWHLE blow off a little steam? He’s supposed to be “Captain Moderator Savior of Threads and Non-Speaker of Snarky Comments Ever Ever Ever in MPSIMS” 24freakin7? For all we know he’s having a really bad day, his dog is barfing up cat hair, his car won’t start and his karma has gone to hell in a handbasket. Jesus - it was a snotty little remark - why don’t we REALLY blow something kind of dumb out of proportion!

Since when has a poop thread ever been controlled. There’ve been times when there were as many as 4 on the first page.
I guess that was UncleBeer’s day off.

I think the point, Missy, is that he made a snarky remark, but rather than own up when called on it, he decided to put on a moderator hat and say he was ‘controlling the content of the forum’. Not all of us have that luxury. If I told someone they were an immature jackass I would have to apologize for it as a poster.

Uh-huh. Right. People post their opinion of others all the time. And calling someone immature isn’t much of an insult. I’ve never issued a warning for anything so mild. And I think you’d be hard pressed to find that anyone else has.

Actually, it does. Several of the people made comments that indicated they believed my words were those of policy. And if people believe that, then their remarks belong here in the Pit, not in MPSIMS.

I did no such thing. Furthermore, I don’t think I understand what you mean. I concur with, what, exactly?

I think you, and others are misunderstanding. Controlling the content of the forum refers to keeping complaints about mod-type things out of MPSIMS. It has nothing to do with the topic of the thread. If it had, the thread would have been closed.