Thanks A Lot UncleBeer

Really classy post of yours here, Your Smugness:

Who cares what concrete does in editing his posts, nobody pays attention to him anyway. There hasn’t been any problem at Fathom that anyone has noticed with allowing the posters to edit their own posts. If I remember correctly there was one other instance where somebody altered an original post, but was called on it, apologized, and admitted that he had done so. ONE instance.

At Fathom posters are given the ability to edit their posts, and a rule exists that if you edit your own post you should explain what you have done in the editing. This rule has worked well over there.

That was a cheap shot that you took at Fathom. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Gentlemen DO prefer blondes – and with good reason!


I realize what you are saying and support your opinion, and yes I have brought up Fathom as examples in threads here. But I would appreciate if you didn’t bring up Fathom as a “topic” of discussion in here with regards to the OP, especially The Pit. If you use it as an example or to cite what was said or to point to a cool thread we have then that’s cool.

I do not speak for the administration or of the other mods of Fathom but I do speak for myself. I do not want to see that we end up with a “fight” between the two boards. Some things in The Pit that are intended to be mild can turn into one hell of a flame war.

If you have a problem with UncaBeer bringing up Fathom, this is one area I ask that you email him direct. This applies to any other poster in here.

Please know that I favor both boards the same and I don’t want to see an “Us vs Them” thing happening. I saw that thread earlier and blew it off after an initial “butthead” thought but it does make for an example for both boards regarding the topic at hand.

I hope you don’t take offense to my post but that’s how I feel and I hate to see a divide happen.

BTW, I did this publicly so that other Fathom members know where I stand…

If that makes any sense :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ, Goldie. You’ve got 66 posts. How many of them have been about ANYTHING other than complaining about the way this board is run? You joined up around the time of Melin’s banning and bitched and moaned up a storm. Then any time there’s other board controversy, you’re right there stirring up shit.

If you do NOT like it here, go the fuck BACK to Fathom and don’t come back. It’s not as though you’re contributing anything of value to THIS community.


Fuck off, Valerie. I lurked at the old AOL board, and I’ve lurked here since the beginning. I registered, finally, in October of last year, long before Melin’s banning, so get your facts straight before you start to (be) a bitch.

Techchick, I understand what you are saying, but UncleBeer’s post was a needless and classless slam at Fathom.


As far as I can tell, 'Beer’s example had nothing to do with Fathom at all. His point was that allowing everyone to edit their posts could potentially lead to disturbances from other posters. You’re ignoring the message and focusing on the delivery.

Know what, Goldie? I don’t care. All you do here is whine and complain. No one, and I do mean NO one, is making you stay.

If Fathom is such a Heaven on Earth for you, go. Please. Why do you have so much trouble with this?

Yep that’s the way I saw it aswell. IMO he was pointing out what a dipshit with the ability to edit can do. I didn’t get a anti-Fathom feeling at all.

Now that’s a fair criticism, SPOOFE, and one that makes inherent more sense than simply bitching about what I said did. I wondered about that, but I was struck, on reading UncleBeer’s post, with the sense that he was making a slam at Fathom. Sort of a “neener neener neener” thing. If that wasn’t the way it was meant, then I’ll apologize (even if I am in the Pit).

And Valerie, you’re sure making a lot of noise over something you don’t care about.


I very seldom post on this board anymore (actually I was never a big poster here) but please don’t take this as I only post when I want to bash the SDMB. I do think UncleBeer was a bit out of line here, not terribly, but a bit. He picked concrete as an example, for chrissakes. Concrete is not a good example of FFF posters. Hell, Concrete is not a good example of anything except as a world class jerk. That he abuses FFF rules is a given, he abuses all MB rules. It seems the SDMB has not had a lot of success dealing with concrete, and the FFF board is trying a different tack. So far, the FFF board hasn’t stopped the boy, but at least we do know who he is at all times. Other than that, I don’t recall anyone abusing the edit feature that the FFF has. There are bunches and bunches of posts that were edited, and annotated to explain why they were edited that I could cite as why the edit feature is good. BUT, trying to relate that to this board is just silly. This board has so many more members and so much more traffic that trying to say what works there would work here is just ludicrous.

To Valerie, I hope that Goldie does not speak for FFF, she only has 20 posts on FFF. I think she is just one of those lurkers that is only happy when she can roil the waters.

PUNdit, thank you for saying it better than I did. It IS unfair to point to concrete as an example anywhere. The SDMB may have, and does, have good reasons for not allowing the edit feature here. I just thought that UncleBeer didn’t need to make what I read as a slam against Fathom in order to make his point in doing so.

I hardly only ever “roil the waters.” MOST of my posts over here do not, although I consider Melin an online friend and did speak up on her behalf. NONE of my posts at Fathom fall into that category. And if I lurk more than post, well, maybe that’s because I have a life.


Okay, so here we go:

A: 'Beer wasn’t slamming Fathom so much as he was pointing out a worst-case scenario.

B: 'Beer’s example wasn’t very good (as concrete is, as we all know, a strangely unique individual).

C: 'Beer was vague with his example.

All right, so that’s settled. So, who wants to play some Quake?

You know, I’m seriously considering doing a search on your posts. If I find more than about 2/3 of them are “roiling” posts…

For that matter, I think that I’m going to start doing searches on a lot of people tonight. Anyone who is only griping about the way the message board is being run will be banned. Anyone who is MOSTLY griping about the message board will likely be banned. If your only posts are complaints about the way this place is run, then I’m gonna show you the door.

We did not set up the Straight Dope Message Board just so people can rag on us. If you don’t like the way this place is run, but you contribute to the Fighting of Ignorance (as in, you post in General Questions and Comments areas), then I’ll likely take you seriously as a poster. If your only purpose in posting is to make the mods and/or other posters miserable, you’re violating the #1 rule of this place, which is Don’t Be A Jerk.

For the Straight Dope

By the way, Techchick has written me a couple of times about problems on the message board, giving me a heads up on trolls, things like that. She does this because we’ve asked all of our posters to do this. I just want to publicly thank her for trying to keep this message board, even the Pit, civilized.

I also want to thank other people (and you know who you are) who have written about problems. Sometimes I don’t reply. In at least one case, I was using my Earthlink address and Earthlink put it in my spam trap, and I didn’t find the email until MONTHS later. But I do try to read problem messages as soon as I get them, even if I don’t respond. By the way, I will often discuss these issues with other moderators or administrators. I don’t make policy by myself, you know.

Feel free.


I’m not sure if 24KaratGold was refering to me but I recently was warned not to edit the content of a post in this thread on the 3FMB.

FTR- I was “called on it” in the sense that I was told not to do it again but there was no need for me to admit to anything. The change was quite noticable ( I’m rarely subtle. ) I did not apologise but I understand that this sort of thing could cause confusion so I won’t be pulling this stunt again. I don’t think my thread is a good example of why posters shouldn’t be allowed to edit posts either because my action was neither dishonest nor malicious.

Finally, I would just like to emphasize techchick’s concerns.
I don’t want to point the finger at anyone but I think this bears repeating. “Us vs Them” is an uncomfortable prospect for those of us who are both. Many Fathomites are also avid Dopers and we ( or at least I - though others have posted this opinion ) want everyone to get along. Or at least stop generalizing.
Pretty please with sugar on top?


One thing I have learnt from these board is that no matter what an administrator does, no matter how they do it, and no matter who they do it to, almost every regular poster will come out and pledge their 100% support for them. History speaks for itself. I challenge any of you to come up with a post where almost everyone was in total agreement that the admin had stuffed up - you can’t do it.

I have tried a few times to flame an admin, but whenever I do I get accused of trolling, being annoying, etc, etc.

It’s not worth the bother.

*Originally posted by 24KaratGold *

So you’re basically apathetic about being banned? Then what prevents you from just going away on your own?

Oh right. Lack of dignity.

MadHatter, are you still mad about that GQ thing? Get over it.

I just want to say that the moderators and adminstrators put up with a lot of shit “working” here. When they aren’t getting bitched at publicly within these forums, you can bet that their email accounts are flooded with (mostly) petty complaints. So UncleBeer posted a link to Fathom. Now he’s the biggest asshole on earth for “slamming” it? But if it weren’t for people like UncleBeer being completely willing to put up with this kind of bullshit, this message board would not be here. But, I suppose, we could all just go over to Fathom. :rolleyes:

So the only possible conclusions are:

We moderators have either released a mind control gas into the atmosphere that causes every SDMB poster to love us unconditionally. And you, MadHatter, happen to be immune to it. Oh and Goldilocks too.


Your fervent antimod opinion is based on a personal grudge most other posters would find petty.

Now do we really need Occam to drag his razor in here?