Woah, Coldfire


“Which Reeder obviously cannot. What an idiot.”

probobly not the worst insult the pit has ever had, but something seems inappropreate about a moderator personally insulting a board member.

I mean I guess the moderators are posters too, but it seems like they should stay to a higher standard. if I was reeder I would wonder about any the fairness of all moderation coldfire did towards me, after he has publicly announced he thinks I’m stupid.

to be honest I dislike reeder also… but I don’t like the idea of moderators not even trying to be neutral

Oh Please. Lower the setting on your sensitivity meter, whydon’tya. As you said, moderators are posters here, too, and they have every right to interact with other members as members and call idiots idiots when they see it that way. Unless you have some kind of evidence that Coldfire hasn’t been “fair” in how he treats Reeder based on thinking him an idiot with regard to that one topic to which he replied, kindly lose the backhanded accusation that he can’t perform his moderator duties impartially.

OCC - this discussion has happened before. (many, many times)

If I recall, the outcome was that moderators are, in fact, posters and can post as such.

It was obvious that coldfire was posting as coldfire regular guy, as opposed to coldfire jack-booted nazi moderator from hell. At least it was obvious to me. :slight_smile:

Before you condemn Coldfire, go back and read the entire thread. Reeder is just throwing around his left-wing feces again, hoping something would stick to Bush or Cheney. As of this posting, nothing has. I don’t know if this makes him an idiot, but it sure leaves much open to interpretation.

Score! Am I in the lead now?

I’d like to add that I value my status as an equal opportunity asshole. Therefore, I like to curse out the occasional left wing idiot, too. Reeder just makes it so easy to keep the balance, since he posts so much utter wank on these boards.

I don’t think that someone telling Reeder that he is an idiot is an insult so much as it is a statement of the absolute bleedin’ obvious.

See examples below:

Incorrect Coldfire response - “Reeder, I don’t like what you said. Thread locked”

Incorrect Coldfire response #2 - “Reeder you are banned”

Correct Coldfire response - Reeder I disagree with you. You are an idiot. Carry on.

Does that help?


alice, its possible the topic comes up many times because many people feel as I do. That being given so much more power than a normal poster requires more responciblity than a normal poster. I think reeder is an idiot as well, I don’t like the idea that the moderators should be makeing ad hominom. I don’t think personal attacks and childish debateing techniques are what this site is about, and certainly should not come from the staff.

and of course political flamebait is stupid, its just moderators are reflections and in control of what the is okay on this site, and they aren’t just normal posters… they have way more power and responciblity than that.

Taxguy pretty much nailed it.

So, what AM I allowed to say then?

“Reeder, you’re not very smart.”
“Reeder, the facts contradict your premise.”
“Reeder, your mom dresses you funny.”

Sometimes, ya gotta call a spade a spade. The fact that I also happen to be a moderator is irrelevant: when I need to make a judgment call on Reeder’s posts as a mod, I will do so with the upmost impartiality. Whether or not you believe me on that one, well, that’s up to you.

I know my conscience is clear when I call Reeder an idiot. 'Cause he clearly is.

Bullshit. Moderators keep this site running out of the goodness of their hearts[sup]1[/sup], and if they weren’t allowed to participate like any other poster, it would be a pretty sucky job. Who wants to devote energy and time to a board you can’t be a part of? So shut up.

[sup]1[/sup][sub]Hearts may not be found in all moderators. Check with specific moderator for presence of heart and/or blackness thereof.[/sub]

Taxguy pretty much nailed it.

What Taxguy said.

I don’t think so, but since manny’s retired his jersey, you are the only real contender left. And I’m rootin’ for ya big guy.

(please ignore the chants of “the king is dead long live the new king”, thank you)

Did Taxguy nail this yet ?

Now, you didn’t hear it from me, folks. But I’ve been hearing this Taxguy character sees an awful lot of action, ifyouknowwhatimsayin’.

I’m gonna have to agree with TaxGuy.

Giraffe, did I miss the part where this was some personal website some guy just made?

I think this is a site owned by chicago reader, and I don’t really know what their policy is on haveing people that represent them calling people stupid.

Shouldn’t he have spelled his name “Tacksguy”?