Woah, Coldfire

I take it that you’ve NEVER read one of Cecil’s columns then? An article by The Master where he doesn’t insult someone is like a spring morning without stepping on 18 worms on my way to the garage.

Within the process of being finished, in which Taxguy nailed it with a 1920’s style death ray.

The train has left the station. Prepare to clean up wreckage.

No. Did I miss the part where someone said it was?**

Hey, just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion about it.

This site is owned by the Chicago Reader. The moderators are unpaid volunteers who run it. The people who best know how the Chicago Reader wants the moderators to behave in performance of their duties is the administrators and moderators. Me, I know jack shit about what the Chicago Reader wants – I was just offering my opinion that it’s ridiculous to call for more restrictions on the posting habits of moderators, and that you should shut up.

TaxGuy tapped that ass.

This ordinarily self-consciously-nonconformist Leftie agrees with Taxguy, too.

Y’know, I’m pretty sure that I saw an Administrator declare that contest, dead, null and void, and verboten. I was just about to report this post when I noticed the list of Moderators for this Forum. Following that trail to its conclusion, I found myself on a möbius strip of causality and retribution, so I’m just going to say “t’ heck with it.”

Coldfire’s a regular poster. He can post what he wants.

Coldfire, just on the record - you’re my favorite Nazi. Rock on!

I’m new round here - think I’ll just wait and see what Taxguy says

Y’know, I don’t even have to click the link to assume that Coldie’s assessment was accurate.


Dammit! I swear off posting to the Pit, and then you go and post something that makes me laugh out loud.

Sorry, owlofcreamcheese - I have to agree with those who have already posted. On the bright side, we have a new hero: Taxguy!

Do you actually do taxes? I don’t, and it annoys me to no end that just because I’m a CPA everyone says "oh, you must be really busy!"every April.

Bingo. Besides, we don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing which posts/threads to read. Let me tell ya, after a while the toxic mental sludge that builds up sure ain’t pretty.


ahhh, the new catch phrase: TaxGuy nailed it.

Preach it, B! Alleluia!

Only because it’s denying folks the fun of dynamiting puppies in a barrel.


I gotta disagree here. I don’t think that there’d be too many howls of protest if this happened. (Generally, at some point, people begin screaming, “Why is this guy still here?” in reeder threads.)


Partially correct. We’re here to fight ignorance, so for Coldy to tell reeder to carry on being an idiot would be a violation of board policy.

I’d say World Eater pretty much nailed it on the Taxguy thing.

The contrarian in me wants very badly to disagree with TaxGuy, but can find no rational ground for doing so.

I found World Eater’s first post to be rambling and unfocused, but his second one really cleared things up.

I agree with Giraffe’s assesment of WorldEaters’ post about the TaxGuy

Well…I think that Reeder is right.