Ghostbusters (2016) is super awesome! (spoilers)

I’m not the only one who thinks this because at the end of the movie I counted 5 children dancing around at the front of the cinema for a few minutes. Review to follow…

I told my wife it would take another 10 minutes to download the original movie then my OCD flatmate said that he already had the DVD. It turned out that he had two copies of the “ultimate collector’s pack - the spook-tacular saga” that each had both of the movies. He mustn’t have alphabetised those two DVDs because he didn’t know he had two copies of them. Well I’ll post my review tomorrow morning.


It got a weighted average of 4.3/10. A mean of 4.5 and a median of 2. 23% gave it a 10 while 47% gave it a 1. The rest were less than 6% each.

Of the 9500 males, the average was 3.8/10 while of the 2000 females the average was 7.8. For females under 18 the average was 8.8/10.

I wonder if there are any movies just as skewed the other way around – with an impressively high average from males, and tons of 1s from females?

The closest you’ll find is the filmography of Christopher Nolan, but those just skew to a demographic which dominates IMDb.

I didn’t like the trailer I saw and I didn’t like the “I’m not afraid” song.

I saw it on a whim while at a shopping centre with some flatmates. I saw it by myself in 3D. As usual I bought a ticket to the centre of the front row (so it is more immersive) though when I got to the cinema I sat near the centre so that the 3D would be better.

The 3D was good. I liked how near the start the original theme song started and it made me feel tingling - I hardly ever feel that. It had variations on the original theme song throughout the movie and at the end. I also felt a bit of tingling the next two times it played. I really like the original song and after the movie it was stuck in my head a lot. I like how it was on the Simpsons and they danced to it. There are a lot of ghostbuster song mashups on youtube including an AC/DC one which I have played at two parties.

I liked the over the top ridiculous comedy style that a lot of the movie had. It is similar to a lot of the cartoons I like such as Family Guy. Unlike the original movie it even had things that aren’t remotely physically possible such as when there was a traditional cartoon in real life. Chris Hemsworth’s ridiculous stupidity and oddness seemed like something out of Family Guy. (e.g. when he was covering his eyes to stop hearing something)

I liked how so much of the original movie was referenced and I liked that they didn’t bother with the crap about “don’t cross the streams”. I liked how Slimer’s wife/girlfriend appeared with him in the car. It was so cheesy.

I liked the blonde ghostbuster when she had her weird glasses on. Her humour was weird and kind of sexy but when she had her glasses off she wasn’t as interesting.

Even though the baddy’s drawings in the book exactly predicted what happened earlier throughout the movie, I liked that his later predictions didn’t come true - he didn’t turn into a giant version of himself.

I liked how the story had a lot of differences. In the original movie people accepted that the ghostbusters were real early on and the government didn’t have a problem with them (except for the environment department). In this movie most people thought they were fakes and the government wanted to pretend that they were a scam.

I like how at the end they ended up at the fire station and mentioned Zuul - perhaps that is the beginnings of a new adventure.

When the ghostbusters were fighting heaps of ghosts at once the blonde one said sometimes about her toys and I think she pulled out two guns. That was so awesome. I literally got tears in my eyes and I could feel a tear go down my cheek. That’s never happened when I’ve seen something awesome but I did get a lot of tears watching this Christian song a few years ago which I originally saw on ads on TV as a kid.

So I guess the DVD release will include a lot of extra footage.

I am a big fan of some Paul Feig stuff including Freaks and Geeks and his second autobiographical book “Superstud, Or, How I Became a 24 Year Old Virgin”. It made me feel better about my romantic problems when I was younger.

This trailer seems to promise a pretty funny movie.

Though it is one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve ever seen it wasn’t perfect. One reviewer said Bill Murray’s performance seemed like he had a gun pointed at him forcing him to “act”. I like his early movies much better than the later ones. And it’s a pity Rick Moranis didn’t have a cameo.

I agree with one of the ghostbusters that the first ghost was beautiful. I’m a fan of beauty.

I don’t think it was as good as the original. The main problem was that I didn’t like the main bad guy being some loser guy that looks like he came straight out of a Law and Order SVU episode. He wasn’t even close to being as cool as Gozer, Zuul, and Stay Puft. I also think Kate McKinnon wasn’t nearly as funny as Harold Ramis. Her character was just kind of there. I didn’t find her funny at all. I did enjoy Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones. Kristen Wiig did ok, but she didn’t quite measure up to either Dan Aykroyd or Bill Murray (I think she was supposed to be the new Venkman, but she might be the new Ray, I wasn’t sure). I did enjoy the cameos by the original cast, especially Bill Murray as a ghost skeptic that reminded of Walter Peck from the original movie.

This character was just kind of there? Ramis did an excellent job as Egon, but that character was never meant to have the kind of energy and presence we see in these clips.

Otherwise, I really don’t think you can exactly map the new characters to the old one. Yates seems to be part Ray and part Venkman, being both an enthusiast but very much like a charlatan. Holtzmann is the polar opposite of Egon, but fills his role as the gadgeteer. Gilbert is the real brains of the outfit, like Egon was, but her version of the scientist archetype is more wallflower than Asperger’s. Tolan is, well, black. But it appears that she fills Venkman’s organizational role.

That’s based just on the accumulated clips I’ve seen on YouTube.

It wasn’t funny. Like at all. I think I chuckled two, maybe three times.

The IMAX 3D was awesome though, with how the effects continued beyond the border of the screen. I want more movies to do that

You chuckled but “It wasn’t funny…at all?” Funniness is subjective not objective. e.g. I found the blonde one to be the funniest, unlike FlikTheBlue.
BTW I virtually never ever chuckle at anything ever though I still find things to be amusing.

Just saw it.


Does it help you understand it if you pretend there was an “except” in there somewhere?

No shit. Are we really having this conversation? I shouldn’t need to add “In my opinion” before every statement, just as you didn’t when you said “Ghostbusters (2016) is super awesome!!!”

Dude, it’s cool if you like Ghostbusters. Don’t let the fact that I thought it was a steaming turd get to you

Red Barchetta: ok fair enough

I just saw it last night, in 3D and the first 3D film I’ve seen since Jaws 3D, and accompanying 14 teens from 8 different countries, so my expectations were very low.

I liked the ongoing sarcasm and references to the original, and the special effects were particularly engrossing. I would’ve liked Rick Moranis to have a cameo, and enjoyed all of the others. All in all, it was a pretty good reboot.

In Angry Joe’s review, which has had over 500,000 views, he gave it a 2/10. His two friends hated it too. He complained that it didn’t make sense. But that’s the style of humour (like in Family Guy, etc) He wanted the movie to be like the original movie in terms of humour, etc. He thought the characters were just stereotypes. I don’t remember movies that have handsome super-dumb receptionists or quirky sexy inventors (the blonde one), etc.

I thought the following part was clever:

“Can I bring my cat here?”

then it turns out he has a dog not a cat

“I call it my cat”

“My cat!?”

“Yes Mike Hat.”

“Mike Hat!?”

“Yes Michael Hat”

That was my reaction to the original. I was 14 when the first one was released and I don’t remember anyone in my age group thinking it was all that. It seemed to appeal to younger kids with the silly “Ghostbusters!” song and a chubby green ghost. No wonder they spun a cartoon from it.

My reaction to the trailer for the reboot was “I hope they make it funny this time.”

I didn’t like it. I was really hoping I would… The story was lacking and the main villain was pathetic, unfortunately.

Kate McKinnon’s character just seemed to be around to make exaggerated facial expressions. She was the person I had the highest hopes from since I genuinely think she’s talented.

It wasn’t ALL bad. And kids will love it regaurdles.

Kind of wish I saw it in iMax 3D. But I chose the next best thing - our local drive-in movie theater.

I like slimer…

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