I thought I’d relate this story to y’all and find out what you think. Personally, I’m a skeptic as it concerns ghosts but my wife is a true believer.

In short, my wife and I went to a Thai food restaurant yesterday evening for dinner. We hadn’t been sitting down for five minutes when she told me that she was having a strange feeling (like she was suffocating) and that we should leave. Not wanting to question her, we left after we finished our appetizers.

Later that night, she went to take a bath. She was sitting in the bathtub waiting for the tub to fill up with hot water when, inexplicably, the shower turned on and drenched her with cold water.

She can think of no explanation other than the ghosts in this Thai restaurant. I prefer to think that a momentary increase in the water pressure caused the problem.


Did the ghosts come with peanut sauce?

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Burn! You owe me a keyboard, as I spit soda all over mine over that comment. Way too funny!!!

Anyway, I won’t get into a long explination, but the Readers Digest version is:
Yes, I believe in ghosts 100% and I never did until my Grandmother died. Now I have no doubt of their existance.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

I’ve had exactly one ghostly encounter in my lifetime, which occured not long after my grandfather died. My parents were cleaning out his house so they could sell it and I was poking through some drawers in his old bedroom.

Suddenly the curtain rod over one of the windows TORE itself out of the wall and flew across the room with the drapes still attached. I was only about six or seven years old at the time, so I screamed bloody murder and ran out of the house. My parents finally managed to get me to come back in, but I stayed right next to them all the time we were there.
– Sylence

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Sorry zette <pout>.

I also believe in ghosts, I was just making a funny earlier. Although i have never heard of one following you after such a little amount of contact, usually they will inhabit a place and wouldn’t leave to follow a visitor.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Don’t know what I think anymore. A couple of years ago I would have said a definite “it’s just your imagination.” I’ve had one experience that would seem like a ghost, but I was half asleep at the time so I would write it off the same way.

Two years ago though my wife woke up early and with tears in her eyes said “my Dad just said goodbye to me.” We got a call two hours later that he had passed away. BUT… he had been fighting cancer and we knew it would happen sometime soon.

What seemed stranger was my daughter who just turned three at the time was pretty upset (mainly because she could see how we were). Three days later she woke up in a great mood and said that Grandpa came and played with her last night and told her stories about pirates and said he was OK.

Still don’t know what to make of it… I’ve never seen anything fly across the room, so the jury is still out. I do think that the mind can do wonderful things to make you feel better about any given situation… just don’t want to close the possibility of communication with loved ones after you are gone since it is so comforting.

I definitely believe in poltergeists, if no other likely explanations can be found. Most people tend to freak out when stuff starts moving unexpectedly, so they don’t look for reasons. (These people get even more scared if you pretend to be calm and start looking around to figure out why it happened. Trust me.)

Some apparitions I believe exist, but don’t quite know what to make of them. Departed souls, psychic imprints, halucinations, suggestion, optical illusions, etc. Depends on the case, I guess.

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MY brother and I saw one that scared the living shit out of us. We were at our house during a rainstorm when the power went out (which was a common occurance in our neighborhood). We were going from our room to my moms room to find her when I stopped and looked out the front plate window of our living room. What was scary was that I blinked a couple of times and asked my brother if he saw this too.
There was a white pair of eyes looking at us in the dark on the glass…nothing else but them…just eyes that were semi illuminated. They seemed to turn red as we looked at them for the second. We both screamed bloody murder and ran for the bedroom. We did not go near the living room all weekend. My brother was so terrified that he went into psychatrist for a while because of that. Even now with me being 25 and him 21 we still talk about it and get very freaked. What is freaky about it is that we have ran over every explanation about it to try to convince ourselves we saw a trick of the light or something like that…but we can’t because it was pitch black and we both saw it.

I’ve only had one experience that I can’t explain, and that took place a couple months after my Dad died.

In the living room of my parent’s house, there was a flourescent light mounted on the ceiling along the south wall. The door leading into that room was on the north side, so usually you flipped a light switch next to the door before entering the room. (The flourescent light on the south side was on a completely different circuit; the only way you could turn that one on was to physically pull a chain down and release it.)

I’d gone to bed one night, and just as I was drifting off, I heard some footsteps come through the hall, across the living room floor (I heard the floor squeak) and I heard the chain pulled down on the light. The light flicked on, and I could see the gleam from my bedroom. I thought it was my Mom, and I called out, but got no answer. I thought it was a little weird, because the light, as I said, was on the south side of the room, and wasn’t used that much…and why would anybody walk into a completely dark room and cross the floor to turn on a light on the opposite side of the room, when they had a light switch just inside the door?

I got up and walked into the living room, and not a soul there. I went to my Mom’s room, and she was sound asleep, with the dog beside the bed, also asleep. I checked every room in the house----nobody there. I wasn’t scared, just bemused. After a while, I realized I wasn’t going to figure it out, so I shut off the light and went to bed. I didn’t have an explanation then, and I still don’t now. Makes no sense. Mom claimed she was always finding doors open, beds mussed up, radios turned on, etc., but I never saw any of this so I can’t corroborate. My sister also claims she heard the TV come on by itself one night, but she’s always been a tad flighty, so I tend to take that with a grain of salt. But that light turning itself on was a new one. And I plainly heard the footsteps. Was it my Dad? You got me. We eventually sold the house to a family friend, and he says he’s never had a bit of odd phenomena since he moved in. I don’t know. That was one for the books.

I love ghost stories. The only “ghostly” experience I’ve had was with a closet. I was staying with my Aunt when I first moved to this area and I my room was on the third floor of their turn of the century home. It was a great room with a cool shape and I loved everything about it- except for the closet. I’ve always believed in ghosts but I had never even had a questionable ghostly event, so I didn’t think about it overmuch when I realized I didn’t feel comfortable around the closet. I just didn’t like the closet, I fet uncomfortable and queasy when I would open it or stand near it. And, it wouldn’t stay closed, so I put a heavy, old ashtry stand against the door.

One evening I came back from work late and I walked in the bedroom. Both of my Aunt’s cats were sitting infront of the closet just staring into the closet, and the door was OPEN again. They were about three feet from the opening and would not get closer, I tried to nudge them closer to the door, but they weren’t having it.

Any way, the rest of the house was fine and I wasn’t afraid to be in the bedroom alone, I just couldn’t get near the closet. Weird, huh???

Here’s an update on our continuing search for the truth.

We determined from the property tax records that the building in which the Thai restaurant sits was formerly a service station.

So, perhaps at one time in the past, a person was murdered at the service station (it’s been known to happen).



Did you know anything about the restaurants “super-natural tendencies” before you went? Or, are you just looking into it now because of your wife’s reaction? Does this happen to your wife often??

Misanthrope, was water coming out of the faucet before your wife got sprayed? That has happened to me before, and I decided the pull-thingy on top of the faucet just didn’t fall last time someone turned the water off. If water pressure is low, it takes a few seconds for the spray to start. Plenty of time to sit down in a tub.

Does wierd stuff happen to her a lot?

possibly the world’s only naive cynic

Um, sorry, ststella already asked the second question.

possibly the world’s only naive cynic