Giant Burmese pythons breeding in Florida swamps and battling alligators!

It’s true!

Abandoned Burmese pythons endangering Everglades!

Great, now I have to get a pet 'gator to protect me from the pythons.

My friend’s pomeranian that I take care of frequently better start lifting weights or something…

People think Carl Hiaasen writes novels. He doesn’t. They are true stories.

Cmon… pythons???

We got us a snakehead!

Awww…the poor Burmie-worms. I used to raise one…they’re adorable little guys…very huggy and affectionate.

Giant Snake VS Alligator .

You know, you could make a movie …nah.

Hell, we have abandoned ostriches and emus running around central Florida (let loose after the bottom fell out of the ostrich & emu meat farming market in the 90s), what’s a few snakes in the Everglades?

(No, really. I absolutely despise #*&@ing idiots who dump unwanted animals. Anywhere. Especially when it screws up the local ecosystem.) :mad:

Or a VIDEO GAME! That snake scene reminds me SO much of GTA3!

Giant Burmese pythons?

One word…


A python large

grabbed a gator.

Now out of sight

and underwater.

Burma Snake

A park ranger at the Everglades headquarters used to swear there were at least two anacondas loose in the Glades. Gave me bad dreams.

Inside of snake,

it’s very dark.

But new species thrives,

in sunlit park

burma snake

If through the swamp

you choose to walk

beware the snake

that will you stalk–


Off the path

the herp had trick’d her

she failed to note

t’was a constrictor.


Against a gator

they fall prey

but if you’re human

stay out of their way.


i predict this thread will stretch out into seeming eternity…
It’s bad enough

To be et up by bugs

But now we’re stalked

By snakes big as rugs


The native wildlife

Is a natural wonder

Don’t let the imports

Pull you under


I think the title for your link is quite disengenuous, and the quote you provide even refutes your title link.

This does bode –
Alligator Alley is
Now Burma Road.
Burma Snake

If the python
Does lay eggs,
This thread just may
Develop legs –
Burma Snake

Your statement puzzles me. The title of the link is exactly the same as title of the linked article.


The article goes on at length as to why imported species, including pythons, are considered a danger to the native ecosystem.

Ok, ok…I’ll give you the set-up for this one…

Why did you say “Burma”?

I hate, no loathe, people who dump unwanted reptiles. I’ve seen a good amount of it, and I heard about this about a year ago.

Instead of these asshats finding someone else to take it, or finding a reptile rescue in the area (NOT hard to do), they dump it into the wild. This just results in anti-snake legislation. I’ve seen it happen enough times to want to find these folks and hit them with something. :mad:

Grrr. If I don’t stop, I’ll start rambling on, so I’ll stop now.

Burmese Python = Burma Snake = Burma Shave > see history of Burma Shave