Gifting an Islamic wedding?

My cousin is going to an Islamic wedding…is Muslim the correct terminology here? I’m not really sure anyway… are there any gifts that are traditionally to be avoided or are considered faux pa? Or things that are traditionally given by certain family members and not just any old schmo? All input would be greatly appreciated!

Anything related to alcohol would be off-limits- so no corkscrews, wine glasses, decanters, etc.

Otherwise (assuming they’re Westerners) the same boring stuff you’d buy for a Judeo-Christian/non-denominational wedding is fine* (blenders, flatware, housewares, etc.)

ETA: I suppose it would depend a bit on what kind of Islam they practice. If the bride wears a hijab and doesn’t speak in public, all bets are off.

Their individual culture is going to be a lot more important to what their wedding is like than their religious. A cosmopolitan Londoner is going to have a very different wedding than a Indonesian villager.

In any case, just treat it like a normal wedding.

Right, the cultural context is more important than the fact it’s Islamic. I was married in an Islamic ceremony but we served alcohol at the reception and gifts were what you would send to any American couple. I recommend you find out if they’re registered.