Gifts that begin with the letter J

For our upcoming Christmas white elephant gift exchange, we drew random letters -the gift you purchase must begin with your letter. I got a J.

Our limit is $25. I am looking for some suggestions, hopefully creative, of J gifts that would appeal to either gender with ages ranging 18-65.

Any ideas?

A ‘jar’ of anything. Mason jar crafts are big on Pinterest.


Jumper/ Jersey. (Brit English for sweater)

A selection of exotic Jams/ Jellies.



An assortment of Jams and Jellies?

Or you could just get them Jack squat.

Janis Joplin albums

Jericho the series

Jimmy John’s gift certificate

DVD copy of Jumpin Jack Flash?

A bottle of ‘Jose Cuervo’

Jacks. The pointy little foot wreckers that kids used to play with.

There’s an obvious answer to that one, but unfortunately it’s still illegal to send cannabis through the U.S. mail.

A jack to raise a car!
Jumper cables!
Jiffy-pop popcorn!
Japanese anything!

Jelly of the Month Club might be a bit over your limit, but would be worth the obvious Christmas Vacation reference.

Jurassic Park toys! Everyone loves dinosaurs!
Jaffa cakes!
Jingle Bells
Jesus. Y’all need more Jesus.
Jada Pinkett-Smith autographs.
Jar-Jar Binks head in a jar.
Jogging pants.
Jugs of liquor.

a Jazz CD
a Jets jersey
a Jackson

A Jeep. Overpriced at $25.

Journey album
Jujitsu lesson
Jackpot (lottery tickets)
Jeep jewelry
Jugs (type of your choice)
Jigsaw (puzzle or saw)
Jerky assortment
Jury trial, followed by:
Jail time

Jumanji was a good movie. Actually both of them were, in my opinion.

Joe Jackson album (maybe “Look Sharp”? :wink: )


Plus a printout of the rules of how to play it as a drinking game. If you get the game cheap enough, add four shot glasses to the gift.

Justified is a really good show. Maybe a season or two of that?

Jerry Cans album
Jeremy Dutcher’s album
Jump rope
A model Jaguar or Jeep
Items related to their Job? (or is that too much of a stretch?)