Gigantic new ship "Oasis of the Seas". Is this an attractive ship or not?

Yes, this a shallow beauty contest type question. Do you think this is a good looking ship or not? As a side note the ship does look kind of “top heavy” and I wonder about it’s stability in extreme weather.

Here is the wiki

Here’s a profile pic

Official website for the ship with videos.

It’s hideous, but I’m sure it looks a lot nicer from onboard.

It looks like a floating housing project.

All I can think of is the insane quantity of fossil fuels necessary to drive that ship, and it makes me kind of nauseated.

In looking at the construction videos (video gallery > “Building Oasis”) under the ship’s own website I have to say the ship may be a bit clunky looking, but the build details are amazing.

I think it’s ghastly hideous. It can carry 5,400 ‘guests’ ? Somehow, all I can think is, what’s the point? I should think they’d have their own police force with all those rambunctious vacationers.

It is a floating housing project. Also, mall, golfing range, and for all I know, heliport.

Ugly; looks like they took an apartment building and welded a bow onto it.

It looks like it will be a horridly efficient cruise ship for people looking to be pampered (ie gain 30 pounds) for their vacation between sundeck cellulite-baking skin-cancer sessions. I predict a different 3pm ‘drink of the day’ each sunny day at all of the ship’s bars to get peoples minds off the smell of chlorine, bare feet, and roasted speedo-fat.

Someday it will be a reef off a coastline providing a thriving environment for various fish, but not nearly soon enough.

It looks so top-heavy, like a stiff breeze would send it right over.

The Oasis does, in fact, have a helicopter landing pad on its bow.

I think it’s a rather neat design, when you consider the purpose for which it was built. Cruises are all about feeling like you’re being pampered, and having fun, and that ship certainly seems able to provide that! I wouldn’t worry about it tipping over - it’s actually only has one more deck than the Voyager class ships. I’m sure they thought about then when it was designed!

I’ve been on a few cruises, but not the Oasis. I find the design of these ships to be rather fascinating.

That’s my first thought. I’d hate to be out in large waves on that ship. I feel like it would roll easily.

Does this ship have a brig?
And if not, what do they use in it’s place?

seastate 4 waves

Ships that large are very stable.

You should read for more cruising information if you are interested.

I am going on an earlier ship, Explorer of the Seas in Feb with mrAru.

Last year I was on the Freedom of the Seas, which was the largest cruise ship in the world at the time, but has now been superseded by the Oasis of the Seas.

I didn’t think the ship was particularly attractive from the outside, but it was tremendous fun. I found the activities on board (everything from miniature golf to trivia contests) to be much more fun than the port visits, which were primarily shopping trips. It was a true 24-hour resort environment, with every possible amenity.

I have severe motion sickness (can’t ride in a car for more than 20 minutes without feeling nauseated), and even though I was unable to wear my seasickness patch because of side effects, I did not experience any seasickness at all. The only time I was even aware of the motion of the ship was when I first came aboard, and when I was sitting on my balcony watching the ocean.

Enjoy your trip, aruvqan. I wish I were going with.

That is one butt-ugly ship (actually, I’ve seen prettier butts). It looks like they mated a housing project with a tank on steroids.

That’s the first thing I thought of, too. I can’t imagine how much fuel it takes to make something that heavy move through water… I don’t think I could go on a cruise with a clear conscience.

It’s not sleek by any means, but I think there’s something attractive (even majestic) in the sheer bulk of the thing…

The Queen Mary II blows this ship out of the proverbial water.

Thanks =) I plan on putting a page up on my website about it with pictures. I also plan to have inordinate fun =) this will be our first vacation where we haven’t ended up doing something vaguely work-like, like cleaning out a garage or something.