Gilligan's Island Q--The Minnow

the SS Minnow was merely a mock-up on a sound-stage.

But, was it based on an actual model of watercraft?

Did the manufacturer sue, due to the implication that it wasn’t safe?

What “implication that it wasn’t safe”?

Remember, there was an explanation where they explained what happened (the Skipper didn’t know about the storm because he had heard a weather forecast that was mistakenly for the previous day, and when they threw the anchor overboard to try to stabilize the boat, Gilligan hadn’t tied the anchor line to it).

Well, I’d hope so, since we saw it in the water for the opening credits, and if that’s a mockup on the beach when they all find themselves on the island, it’s a pretty elaborate one.

I can’t find a reference to its builder or type anywhere, though.

Everything you wanted to know about the four SS Minnows.

There you go. It was/is a 38’ Wheeler. And since Wheeler disbanded in 1965, it is doubtful they were worried about a 1964 model being used for the Minnow.

I’m sorry, that slot is full of far too much information about the four Batmobiles.

(True story: I was at some kind of media con about ten years ago, and this information was all complete and fresh in my mind. There was a Batmobile on prominent display, and I walked around it several times, noting the details. I caught the owner/displayer’s eye. “This is Number 3, isn’t it?” His chest swelled about three sizes. “Nope,” he replied through a huge grin. “I built it myself.”)

The worry should have been reserved for Newton Minow, after whom it was sarcastically named by Schwartz. Unlike Wheeler, he’s still alive.

Specifically, from a link inside Leaffan’s link, it’s a twin-diesel 11-meter mahogany Wheeler Express Cruiser. The news item said Scotty Taylor had it restored for $200,000, and he was offering for sale for $99,000.