Gilmore Girls- Rory's vanishing Yalie roomies

At the beginning of this past season, Rory has a mid-teen socially-awkward prodigy girl, some other girl I never saw, & of course Paris as her roomies at Yale.

In the past month of season-ending episodes, I realized that I’ve only seen Paris for a while. What happened to the other two?

I think that Rory moved into a different dorm room her sophomore year. I don’t consistently watch Gilmore Girls, so I don’t remember if this was ever stated or if it was ever shown that Paris and Rory moved, but the room looks a little different, Rory and Paris don’t share a bedroom now like I think they once did, and we haven’t see the other two roomies this year.

She had a student from high school stay with her for a weekend. Is that what you’re thinking of?

Freshman year, Rory lived with Paris and Janet and Tonna. Now in the sophomore year, this past season, she lived with only Paris.

Ooookay_ I lost track that this was her sophomore year! Still, what happened to Janet & Tonna?

They did establish that Rory and Paris moved to a different place this year. As for Tonna and Sporto (Was her name Janet? That doesn’t sound right.) we’ll never know…Tonna was a fun character. I would have liked to see more of her.
Kind of like the first or second season episode with the Chilton Sorority and they introduced a friend for Rory who NEVER appeared again.

Ukulele Ike’s Yale Roommate History, 1978-82:

Frosh: Shared six-room suite with five other guys, Farnam Hall, Old Campus

Soph: Shared three-room suite with two other guys, Jonathan Edwards College

Junior: Lived off-campus with girlfriend, friend, and girlfriend’s girlfriend, Wooster Square, a block from Sally’s Apizza

Senior: Had single room (right next to Dean’s suite. Yike), JE College, again (new girlfriend graduated and gone to NYC, seen on weekends, many juicy affairs in between)