Gimme a few fun acoustic songs I can play

What are some acoustic songs you like to hear a guitar guy play? I am looking for a few new ones, maybe a few funny songs.

Or maybe your favorite singer songwriter songs that will translate well to a guy and a guitar.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully it will spur a bit of creativity in me as well! :slight_smile:

As a fellow acoustic enthusiast, I really like having the following in my repertoire:

[li]Blackbird -Beatles[/li][li]Norwegian Wood -Beatles[/li][li]Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald -Gordon Lightfoot[/li][li]Sunspots -Bob Mould (I still can’t do it perfectly)[/li][li]Almost anything by Matthew Sweet[/li][li]Bad -U2[/li][li]Soooo many more[/li][/ul]

I also like those standard “Irish” songs. The Rover, The Rambler, the Green Alligator Song, A Health for Their Company, etc.


My husband is a musican, and some popular songs that he does when he plays out are:

“Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker
“The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks (nice picking in this one)
“Beth” by Kiss
“Brown Eyed Girl” by (Van Morrison??)
“I’m a Believer” by The Monkees
“Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet

What kind of music do you like? I may have better suggestions. Those are just some crowd favorites.

“Classical Gas” is a fun acoustic piece, but I don’t know who originally recorded it. Not my generation.
“Time of your Life” by Green Day (that’s more my generation!)
I remember a fun campground sing-along to “Love Potion #9” on an acoustic guitar.

Unconditionally, by Extreme is a fairly simple song to adapt to acoustic guitar and it is pretty easy to play. More importantly, Women LOVE it!

Wish You Were Here
Big Yellow Taxi

Mason Williams.

Not my generation, either, but that’s one of my favorite instrumental guitar pieces. :slight_smile:

Oh, Blackbird- also a great song. Very nice on the acoustic!

Don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but Walkin’ Back to Georgia by Jim Croce is just beautiful.

When I played a gazillion years ago, my favorite was *From the Beginning * by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Anything by Peter, Paul and Mary!

I don’t play, but I can recommend:

“Hold On” - Ian Gomm
“Sister Golden Hair” - America
“Fire on High” - ELO

Thanks guys. I am working on Classical Gas and Sunspots right now.

Keep 'em coming!

I’ll second “Wish You Were Here”. That was the first song I ever taught myself on guitar, and I still enjoy playing it.

“Passenger Side” from Wilco is pretty easy to play and is kind of a fun song to boot.

“Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes is a really fun song to play, especially when you get a bunch of people to do the clapping part.

I like the easy ones.

Dead Flowers D-A-G-A G-A-D

All Along the Watchtower Aminor-G-F-G

Down By the River Eminor-A I forget the chorus but it’s wicked easy.

Cowgirl in the Sand is pretty darn easy.

No Expectations E-A

I used to know Seeds and Stems Again. It’s pretty darn easy but I forgot it.

I’ll third Wish You Were Here.

Sugar Magnolia gets the girlies to whirlin’.

Peaceful Easy Feeling is a beautiful acoustic song.

There’s a few Eagles numbers that many people know. Take It Easy, Already Gone, One of These Nights, etc.

“Amie” by Pure Prarie League – especially when you can get a cute, surprisingly talented woman in the audience to come sing the harmonies with you (and to avoid any confusion, I’ll clarify that I’m the cute woman in this equasion…). But seriously, though: songs with audience participation (be it one member or the whole crowd) are always popular.

I knew I had something to contribute to this thread besides Mason Williams’s name! :smiley:

If you’re a strong singer and have someone to harmonize with, anything by the Indigo Girls is a winner with me. I’ve always thought it would be fun to form an Indigo Girls tribute band (called Mood Indigo, of course).

Everyone knows the words to Time of Your Life by Green Day, so that’s a crowd pleaser. When I Come Around is also really fun (especially with full bar-chords, not power). Delia’s Gone by Johnny Cash and One by U2 are good too.

You may want more chord-heavy tunes, but some favorites of mine:
[li]Yes - Mood for a Day[/li][li]Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet - Having an Average Weekend (theme from “Kids in the Hall”)[/li][li]Tesla - Love Song[/li][li]REM - Talk About the Passion[/li][li]Steve Vai - Sisters[/li][/ul]
Not that I can play any of them in their entirety. Always kinda liked the acoustic version of Layla (Eric Clapton), and I once heard some woman in a bar (with a solo guitar) sing Walking on the Moon (The Police) that was excellent to sit back and chill to.

Rockville by REM.

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