Gimme back my Shell Answer Man.

“The Shell Answer Man was a series of television advertisements from the 1960s through the 1990s sponsored by Shell Oil in which answers were provided to common questions from the public about driving, with advice on vehicle maintenance, repair and safety, as well as guidance to users of home heating oil… The ads were aimed at typical drivers, helping inform them how to avoid wasting gasoline through such tips as not making jackrabbit starts, ensuring proper tire inflation, regular oil changes and proper basic maintenance of their vehicle, as well as guidance on how to get the most out of heating one’s home.”


When I was a teen, we used to invoke the “Shell Answer Man” for all types of common teen problems, like “lubrication”. But seriously, I still adhere to the Answer Man’s auto related proverbs.

Could “The Man” make a comeback in this day and age?

Shell also published these little yellow pamphlets about the same topics - I used to collect them when I was 8 or so as I thought they were cool.

Wow! And these books are available on-line. Dig the photo’s b-a-b-y.

If he did, he’d probably be a corporate shill claiming that carbon dioxide’s actually good for the environment, and the EPA is run by communists.

I used to collect those little yellow pamphlets; God only knows what happened to them.

I remember the pamphlets, they were great! Most of my early automotive knowledge came from reading them in the backseat on long road trips.

No, because he’d be seen as nothing more than a shill for big oil. Which would probably be an eminently accurate characterization.

I’m trying to remember the last time I saw or heard a commercial for gasoline…

Oil company ads are mostly just corporate-image ads, to make you think their highest priority is helping the environment or the economy or education or family values or something.