Gina Carano is ignorant AF, but cancel culture is really getting ridiculous

It had a plutonium power source which freaked a handful of people out (as they feared it would be spread around if the mission failed and exploded in the upper atmosphere).

More interestingly Cassini’s plunge into Saturn was done for “environmental” reasons, potentially - after passing through a plume coming up from Enceladus and discovering that beneath the icy surface the moon has a warm, salty water core, it was decided to end the mission by disposing of the craft in Saturn, just in case it was carrying any Earth microbes that had survived the journey and could contaminate a life bearing moon of Saturn.

And this is why we have the job with the World’s Coolest Title: Planetary Protection Officer.

I generally think people should be allowed to say dumb things. And I think way too many people, on both sides, that make dumb holocaust comparisons. However, if she cared about her job, she should have been cognizant of the fact that Disney was looking for a reason to fire her. Hell, there’s rumors that she was essentially fired back in November, with Disney just looking for another excuse to make it public. Imo, if you want to make troll posts, make an anonymous account. Do you have to “famously” troll? Anyway, I highly doubt she wasn’t given any internal warnings. You get warnings, you do what your employer says, if you want to keep your job. Just like everybody else.

And that’s a good point.

If she were posting here, and made such statements, the worst she would get is a warning or a banning.

She is posting as a celebrity, using her platform as a celebrity to help to increase her reach.

Le Snack.

Many deep-space probes utilize plutonium as their power source. If a significant mass of plutonium were vaporized in the atmosphere upwind of a city, it could cause serious health problems for thousands if not millions of people.

The 1997 Cassini mission carried 72 pounds of plutonium. That’s a molar fuckton of plutonium. It’s more than any previous space mission and more than the biggest nuclear bombs.

Caution and scrutiny were absolutely warranted in that case. But to say “the environmentalists wanted to cancel Cassini” is just lowkey ignorance combined with lowkey dishonesty.

Here. Basically some nuts got panties twisted over the spacecraft’s RTG, a pretty common component of deep space missions. There’s an RTG on Perseverence, the craft that just landed on Mars.