Gina Carano is ignorant AF, but cancel culture is really getting ridiculous

For the record, I absolutely agree that her comparisons of conservatives to Jews’ treatment during Nazi Germany make her look as dumb as a wheelbarrow, but it was just a comment made out of ignorance. In case anyone’s wondering she wrote this:

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views,” she wrote.


Another photo on Carano’s Instagram story featured a person with several masks covering their face and head with the caption: “Meanwhile in California.”

Yes, dumb as a rock – but what the hell?! Fired for that?!

Seems to me her detractors have basically made her point for her. And you gotta understand, defending conservative commentators is, for me, like squeezing my own nuts in a vice.

Then why did you do it? Do you like squeezing your nuts in a vice?

It’s always been the case for performers or anyone who represents a company in public, that saying stupid things can get you fired. This isn’t new or a deviation from past actions.

Why, oh why aren’t ignorant bigots a protected class?

The ironic thing is, that comparison sounds waaay more apt being applied to how trump and trumpers turned ordinary conservative-leaning people against their neighbors who are to the left of them, or just not perceived as ‘trumpy’ enough.

Damn, and I just watched Haywire again the other day.

Yes, I think anyone who compares current criticism of political views to 1930s Germany is stupid enough for disqualification from highly visible employment.

Try to make that comment publicly, feel free to say that as a socialist if you’d like, and keep your job at a major company any time in the last 50 years. Cancel culture my ass. Comparing your political views to being Jews under Nazi Germany is abhorrent and easily would get you fired.

She wasn’t even saying that conservatives were suffering atrocities like the Jews; she was comparing them in the sense that they were being marginalized like the Jews. I agree that it’s a dumb as fuck take – and on some level, yes, it’s offensive.

But I’m sorry, there’s a difference between someone being unintentionally offensive through their own ignorance, and someone going out of their way to be an insensitive ass. I see her checking the box in the first category, not so much in the second.

What ever happened to moderation and measure for measure? Should she be sanctioned somehow? Made to apologize? Made to take a sensitivity class? Sure. But firing is extreme.

Has she acknowledged this ignorance and recanted? If not, this is just another case of the right wing wanting absolution without going through the necessary step of first sincerely seeking forgiveness.

No thanks, because I know it’s a stupid remark, but I still don’t think someone should be automatically fired for their own ignorance.

“Well it’s a business decision blah! blah!”

Yeah, I get that, but maybe someone, some day will have the balls to see it otherwise and recognize that people are human and shouldn’t be just thrown away. Sure, Carano will probably find a way to survive this controversy and do other work. But I don’t see her ever changing her worldview, and if people are looking to change her behavior or expect contrition, they can likely forget it; she’ll probably dig in even deeper now.

Was she even given a chance?

Being dumb isn’t grounds for firing someone? I’ve fired several stupid people over the years.

First off, that’s not the only tweet she was fired for. But that tweet is rather bad. She is arguing that, as a Republican, she is being persecuted like the Jews were in the Holocaust.

Her subsequent tweet was one where she showed an image of a person wearing a mask, saying “meanwhile, in California.” That was part of the message–she was arguing that California’s mask laws were like the Holocaust.

She’s also been in trouble for mocking trans people. She’s lied about voter fraud after the election and spread falsehoods about masks.

And for all but the trans issue, she’s constantly refused to back down, despite everyone trying to get her to do so.

It’s not surprising at all that this stuff would get her fired–in fact, I considered putting her in the “stupid MFers” thread. This is Disney we’re talking about here.

Anyone who supported the lies that led to the coup are going to face likely cancelation. And anyone publicly arguing that they are just as persecuted as Holocaust victims is likely to also lose their job.

Have her hands been tied since she posted that crap?

What’s wrong with simply asking for a retraction and an apology? Kevin Hart was given that chance after someone dug up his old jokes/tweets about gays, so why can’t Carano be given that same privilege? I think he ultimately quit but I don’t recall that he was necessarily forced to, and Ellen Degeneres, who is gay, even defended him.

She’s a fucking actress and a public figure. This isn’t cancel culture “getting ridiculous”. This is someone making the company they work for look worse because she made a stupid ass comment that she should have AT LEAST known better (I don’t buy the ‘ignorance’ thing for a second) - and got shit canned for it.

Good. Maybe she’ll think next time she speaks publicly.

If she hasn’t figured out that a retraction and an apology are in order by now, after all that has happened, then the hell with her.

People sometimes make dumb remarks; whether they are public or mostly private figures, I don’t think people should be fired for simply being ignorant. I agree that companies have the power and discretion to do so if they desire, but having the prerogative to terminate someone doesn’t justify doing so. I think people should be given chances to learn from their mistakes.

Firing someone is a form of human shunning. I don’t believe in shunning people who aren’t going out of their way to be distasteful. Complaining about treatment that conservatives get in the media is ignorant but not antisocial behavior.

When you make that offensive of a comment, yes you probably should. Especially if you are public facing employee.

You can learn the lesson from your mistake on your own time or at another job.

There is all “Oh, what about the feelings of the white woman”, what about the feelings of the Jewish consumers of the content? Why should the actress’s feelings get prioritized?

Are you fucking serious?