Gina Rinehart fuck everything about you

Gina Rinehart is the richest woman in Australia. She inherited 100 percent of her wealth from her daddy but she believes Australian workers should compete with African workers that will accept $2 a day wages and wants a free trade zone across northern Australia where she can pay her slaves whatever she wants.

I’m an Australian business owner and I despise everything she stands for. She is the single most entitled and repulsive individual I am aware of, please join me in pitting her and everything about her.

Not that she isn’t an entitled and repulsive individual, but that’s not what that article says. She’s saying that Australian industry is competing with African industry that pays $2 a day wages whether we like it or not. What she could be more accurately be accused of wanting is not the right to match African wages, but the right to consume a finite national resource for her own benefit without paying for it.

Also, this article is three years old.

Ok fine, you can cite whatever other article you want about her but she is truly a pit-worthy person. Other billionaires like Gates, Branson, Musk, Bezos, etc have noble goals but she truly seems like she only wants to make herself richer to the detriment of the average worker. She can die in a fire as far as I am concerned. Sorry no that is too good for her.

It must be nice to be a rich assed asshole.

I’m working on being a poor assed one and to be honest it isn’t as fullfilling as I had hoped.

If you understood economics you’d realize she is partially right. You can’t solve poverty by mandating a wage floor in a globalized economy. Google “container ship.”

I understand economics quite well thanks and she can still die in a fire. Just qoogle her quotes. She doesn’t seem to take skills or worker safety into account at all. Do you think a skilled worker can work in a mine taking into account occupational health and safety for $2 a day?

I have no sympathy for price controls. Unnecessarily dangerous working conditions need to be rectified.

So you think no country should have a minimum wage? Really? Well then I pit you as well.

Oops, sorry she’s actually the richest woman in the world apparently. And yes I know the article I posted is three years old but she’s just in the Australian media again saying the same things. Again, this repulsive toad inherited billions, she’s never done an honest day’s work in her life. Lets put her in one of her own iron ore mines for a month and then see if she thinks she should get paid $2 a day for working there.

She’s forcing the workers to stay on the job, is she?

How? Judo?

At the moment she is paying Australian workers to work in her mines, who get a decent wage and are unionized. She is using her billions to lobby the government to be able to import workers from abroad and pay them far below the Australian minimum wage.

This is despite the fact that the company she owns 76 percent of makes over $400 million profit a year on a bad year and over $3 billion profit a year on a good one.

Well then you Australians are fucked up for letting people work for less than your legally mandated minimum wage.

I blame you the people for letting her get away with it a shit ton more than her.

But she’s not getting away with it, what coremelt is pitting is that she’s trying to.

Maybe you should top up, Drunky, your low alcohol levels are making you see what’s not there :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting the sense that she is a contemptible person, but dammit if coremelt is doing a good job of putting her.

I hear there are Internet trolls in China that will do a better job at pitting her for like $1.35 a day.

Is she? That may be true, but there is nothing in the article you linked to in your OP that substantiates that claim. Or, maybe I missed it. Can you quote the part of you article that says that?


Fuck her slimy gob. I hope she gets aggressive intestinal cancer and is eaten alive by her own corpulent body. Lets make it lingering, two or three years ought to do it.

Can you quote the section that you’re upset about?

Do your own research. If you’re too thick to put it together yourself then there’s no helping you. Coal and Iron ore are commodities, if they can be extracted and sold profitably paying Australian wages (which they can be) then her argument about having to lower wages to compete is complete bullshit.

She’s just a selfish prick who wants to increase her profits above all else, despite being already being the richest person in Australia. Put her and Martin Shkreli in the same padded cell and keep them both under indefinite psychiatric care. They’re both sociopaths without a shred of human compassion.

Coremelt this was pitted three years ago when the article came out.


I seem to recall that Hancock Prospecting doesn’t actually operate any mines.

Perhaps coremelt is actually John Hancock. He doesn’t like Gina much either.