Ginger Snaps

I have allways been an advocate for the film Ginger Snaps, the best were-wolf film in recent years. Well I just got hold of Ginger Snaps Unleashed 2, and by golly that is just as good as the first. Please if you liked the first get a chance to see this, especially before somone spoils any part of the ending for you.
Starts with Brigitte, who has so far avoided lycanthropy getting an OD and finding her self in a psychiatric hospital where she makes some interesting friends…

[size=4]Please don’t mention anything about the last half the film, and box spoilers**

I loved the first one. I haven’t seen the second one yet, but I will now!

Dammit, I came here for cookies! Where are my cookies?

(That’s not the recipe I use, but I’d have to dig it out and type it. And the proper way is to roll the balls of dough in sugar before baking.)

Me too, Bob - ginger snaps are my favorite kind of cookie!

And these guys are talking about a dumb movie.

Ahhh! Found a spare in my jacket pocket, even if it isn’t a gingersnap.

Mmmm! Cookie!

The title of the OP uneasily coincides with one of my worst nightmares.

>Ginger Snaps
But Mary Ann swallows.


Does anyone know about Ginger Snaps 3 (which appears to have been completed, but not on DVD yet)

Calling Canadians, this is fine Canada film making, aren’t you guys proud of making horror whilst Hollywood can only seem to make gore?

P.S. Traider Joes has excellent Ginger Biscuits with ginger, dry ginger, and crystalized ginger, yummmmy.

I’m sorry I’ve never heard of this movie. My first thought on seeing the thread title was cookies, when I started to read the OP my next thought was ‘porn movie’, then when I realized it was a werewolf movie I’d never heard of, I thought Ginger Snaps would be a great character to join Strawberry Shortcake on her adventures. My brain frightens me sometimes.

I’m a Canadian and a horror fan, but I haven’t seen this one, yet. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of it until very recently. Either I’m out of the loop (entirely possible) or it wasn’t very well-promoted up here.

The original Ginger Snaps is one of those top choices for Best Movie noone has ever heard of polls. So much so that I susspect it is getting much better heard of these days. Everyone who has a feeling for being goth or a dissatisfied youth, or good horror should enjoy it.

I saw the first one, recall seeing that the second one was on DVD and that they had filmed a third one which was a prequel (?)

IIRC I was curious mainly because it was filmed near me :smiley:

I saw half of the first one and liked what I saw, but unfortunatly my brother changed channel and the video recorded something else for the other half. It’s one of those movies I’ll probably buy on DVD if I see it cheap in the shops, but I won’t bothering ordering it off the internet.

I’ve only seen the first one, which I regard as the best werewolf film since An American Werewolf in London. It’s also one of the best all-around horror movies to be released in several years. As such, it has gained quite a cult following among horror afficianados and I highly recommend it to genre fans everywhere. I’ve always thought it was travesty that it got such limited theatrical distribution in Canada and went straight-to-video in the US.

I saw the first one… What? I year or two ago? I liked it. I just saw the sequel on Sunday, and that was also a good film.

Was that little girl creepy, or what!

I have the first one, and really like it. It’s got a lot of really great characterization, which is highly lacking in a lot of horror films nowadays. I just wish the werewolf didn’t look so plasticy and fake. :frowning:

I’ve read about the other two, but didn’t know they were released yet. When did the second one come out? And what is the news on the third? That one doesn’t sound interesting to me at all, really, but I’m interested to see how the second one carries on the story.

The second one seems to me a good follow on from the first, and has an excellent ending which people here should try to avoid spoiling or even alluding to.
I agree the third’s description sounds too much like a rehash of the first but in the 19th Century, but I still hope to get it when it comes out.