Giraffes stranded on a flooded island are rescued

It’s fascinating to see people use a harness to take a giraffe for a walk. :astonished::giraffe:The giraffe is led onto the barge just like it was a child’s pony.

What an awesome rescue. I never dreamed this was even possible.

I don’t understand why it’s going to take so long to rescue 7 more? Seems like they could easily do one a day.

Do we know for sure they’re rescuing these giraffes and not holding a barbecue a few miles downstream?

Anything is possible. :blush:

I know the crocodiles are hoping at least one giraffe tries to escape the island on foot.

Thanks so much for posting this! I love hearing about people doing good things. This article might have a bit more information and a bit fewer ads: here.

That is a better article.

I smile every time I see that Giraffe’s head poking out above the barge. She’s watching the riverbank go by. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They didn’t need to cage her. She’s calmy standing on the barge with canvas around her. There’s probably some ropes attached to her harness.

She’s got a hood over her head so she can’t see anything.

:giraffe: Wrong message board. :wink:

Yeah, she’s been tranqed and hooded to keep her calm. Still, a life saved is a good thing.


My imagination got carried away with the imagery. It makes sense they had to cover the giraffe’s eyes.

Well, see, they also have a bag of hay, a lion, and only a very small boat.