Girl Earl 5/8 (spoilers)

They’re really trying hard, by “they”, I mean the writers, to make girl Earl unlikeable. Yet, with Alyssa Milano being well, just so gosh-darned “drink her bathwater” cute, it is hard not to forgive her, even with the blasphemous “shave your moustache” comment. I’d shave it off without a second thought.

“I don’t like her.” - Earl
“She’s got to go!” - Randy

Yeah, she is pretty hot, though. I’d certainly give shaving my mustache off some serious thought. No way is she getting my potato chips, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a bad episode, although not as good as the previous two. The grocery-bagging competition was funny, as was returning the stolen TV, ceiling fan and filthy carpet swatch. Best morning-after line: “Nothing a bucket of ice on my husband parts won’t fix!”

Just thinking about Billy and Catalina together…

Ah’ll be in my bunk.

She likes the Sammy Haggar Van Halen. She has to go.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to the second half of this episode because we were under a tornado watch for a couple hours and the local weather people had to talk about it a lot. Luckily no tornados, just buckets of rain.

I loved the book she was reading: “I AM 55” by Sammy Hagar :smiley:

Unfortunately, I was unable to pay too much attention to this episode while it was running (too much stuff going on!), so I am very glad that I recorded it! I couldn’t help but notice how hot Billie/Alyssa was, of course. She seemed to have a much more lackadaisical attitude toward her list than Earl, which is going to cause problems. I am a little afraid that she will be written out of the show fairly soon – What do you guys think?

Earl: (returning TV) We sent Randy out for new rabbit ears, but you don’t want to hear that story…

[much later…]

Randy: You have a lot of room here, do you want to adopt an earless rabbit?

Boy, Alyssa Milano seems a lot more interesting than she did about ten years ago.

Yet, as we saw last week, she cannot hold a candle to Nadine Velazquez. Damn, her stripper getup is uncomplimentary, because that girl is ten times hotter than she presents. Lousy actress, but, in my dreams at least, she doesn’t need to act.

8 posts in and no Napoleon Dynamite quotes. Come on, give me at least a “Yes!”

Plus they also had the guy that destroyed “Talk Soup.” Talk about a casting contrast.

His white spot in his hair always skeeves me out.

I was pretty entertained. I thought it was one of the better shows. Although, except for her views on “the list” and the outfit she put him into, I thought Earl was nuts. She can have my chips, she can ask me to shave, she can ask where I’m going. Heck, she can pretty much do what she wants.