Girl from Ipanema celebrates its 50th birthday - and the lady who inspired the hit ...

I’d read before that the Girl from Ipanema was based on a real person. Love that song by bossa nova.

She looks really good these days.

Happy Birthday!!! Girl from Ipanema

She looks better as a brunette, imo, but she looks stunning for nearly 70!!

I had no idea. Interesting.

I always liked Astrid’s singing, but in that film clip, she looks embarrassingly wooden. I advise listening to it with your eyes closed.

So she was a lawyer back then?


Astrud Gilberto is always so heartbreakingly icy. Except not. She tries, but the smile of a young woman having fun on the edge of her comfort zone is playing in her mouth and eyes.

Not Astrud’s best performance for sure. :wink: I really prefer Frank Sinatra’s version.

Astrud I’m not as familiar with. Here’s her Wikipedia entry.

A different clip with Astrud.

Arguably the best version – certainly my favorite – with vocals in both Portuguese (Vinicius de Moraes) and English (Astrud again) and splendid guitar, sax, and piano work.

You couldn’t sing that, in Portuguese with syncopated guitar, could you?

(Stan Getz playing sax would be optional)

I’d say I’d like to look that great when I’m 68, except I’m certain I have never looked that good at any age!

Anyone know who the Boy From… is?

When I speak does he vanish?
Is he acting so clannish?
I wish I understood Spanish!
When I tell him I think he’s the end,
He giggles a lot with his friends.

Tall and slender, like an Apollo,
He goes walking by and I have to follow him,
The Boy From…

but the SMILE
of a YOUNG woMAN
having FUN
on the EDGE
of her COMfort ZONE
is plaaaaaaaying in her mouth and eyessssssss…

Nobody has nailed the song like Getz and the Gilbertos did. In fact, that entire album is flawless.

If you’re reading this, Heloisa, have a very happy birthday. “The Girl from Ipanema” is one of the most beautiful songs ever.

If you have the album, read the liner notes on how she came to sing this song.

The song mesmerized me, as it did many at that time. I was 17 when the English version hit the airways in '64. Already hooked on the rhythms of Dave Brubeck, this exotic semi-samba music got me hooked on Latin rhythms, a fondness that lasts to this day.

Read about her years ago in Time. She must have been 50 then but still fetching in a bikini. The title of the article was “Tall and Tan and Young and Lovely Forever.”

If you like that genre, I suggest the Diana Krall DVD of her in Rio de J.
Excellent sound quality on the Blue Ray version.

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid.

Mentioned this to the SO, who promptly started looking for different versions. Didn’t ever find a bluegrass version, but did find this, which is awesome.