Girl Genius question

So, with the hiatus over I’ve been going back through the last couple volumes to refresh myself when I got confused again by the final page.

That… that sounds more like Klaus talking. I’d puzzled over that in December but hoped it would be explained in the next volume but, no G and K are taking a ride on the Corbettite Railway.*

So what’s the deal? Has Klaus taken over Gil’s mind ala Agatha and her mum? How did I miss sometting that important?

*I wonder if there’s a market for a Girl Genius edition of Monopoly.

I thought it was absolutely clear. Klaus has used Other mind-transfer technology to ride along in Gil’s head. This allows him to maintain control while being embobbled in Mechanicsburg.

He doesn’t assert command very often, but Bang certainly is aware of it, as her loyalty is to the Baron and not Gil.

It’s also possible that there’s a similar fragment of Gil’s personality trapped in the time-frozen Baron’s body in Mechanicsburg, meaning that both of Agatha’s love interests are in there. And then there’s the question of what re-integration will be like, years out of phase.