Girl, Interrupted

what did you think of this movie. i thought it was great !!

great acting from angelina jolie… i was impressed
i recommend that you go see it

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I thought it didn’t come out till the 14th???

I have every intention of seeing this movie. Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie are among my favorites, and the book was great. I’ll report back after I’ve actually seen it.

“Wednesday the 15th - Chris made one of her rare good points today.”

hmm, i didnt know that
maybe it was released early in some cities

anyway, its a great film, great acting
and it makes you think…
i recommend it definitely !!

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My brother and I were on the set when they were filming part of it in Harrisburg, PA. Initially, I wanted to see it just for that fact, but having seen some of the promos it actually looks like a pretty good film.

How is “mental illness” and the wonders of the psychiatric system portrayed in the movie? Is it clearly an anti-MH-system, mental-patients-liberation oriented movie, or did they turn it into another “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden?”

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