Girl Scout finds the perfect place to sell cookies.

117 boxes in 2 hours outside a pot dispensary.

Even better, it was her mom’s idea and the local GS office is cool with it.

I just sent that article to our service unit cookie chair. Maybe next year we’ll be able to sell cookies in front of the marijuana store.

A news report this AM said others are copying ----------- smart move all around!

We heard about this at a party this weekend.
Maybe the Boy Scouts can start selling Doritos there and pick up some cash.

I kept meaning to ask my old Denver friends if the roach-coaches (Taco Trucks) are hanging around those places.

Location, Location, Location!

Well, it’s high time someone thought of this idea.

Only a matter of time until the Brownies get involved…

Whether it was her moms idea or not it was a good business decision. I heard she really raked in the coins. Why would the scouts be upset? She was selling her cookies in a legal venue. Good for her, she will be a CEO someday as the bottom line is money!

Yet more proof that Girl Scouts build the business leaders of the future.

So that’s why Girl Scout Cookies are $5 a box in Northern California (while, supposedly, they’re $4 in the rest of the country)…



Is barter acceptable ?

State Girl Scout officials are trying to put the kibosh on the idea.

From the wording, I assume it’s a safety/liability/image fear.

I’d say it’s strictly image. It’s a medical dispensary. How is that different from setting up in front of a CVS/RiteAid/Walgreens?