Girls, have some respect for yourselves

And guys, have a little respect for women, too, while we’re at it.

I was watching some music videos last night, and I got a little upset at what I saw. Men showing off their possessions - their nice cars, their jewellery, their nice clothes, their hot, nearly-naked women. Okay, back the truck up a second, here - when did women become possessions and objects? I don’t agree with this one bit, and I don’t like the idea of women participating in it and I don’t like the message it’s sending to young women.

Then, I see a video by a group of women - Destiny’s Child. Oh man, I thought the guys objectifying women was bad - here the women are, doing it to themselves. Put some clothes on, Nasty. I understand very well that sex sells, but if you’re selling sex, what does that make you? It surely doesn’t make you a musician with integrity.

I don’t even know why I bother getting upset about this - if young and men and women want to pretend that women are nothing more than a hoohoo and tatas, then who am I to get bent out of shape about generations of women growing up with no self-respect and no self-esteem and no idea how to love themselves and their womanly bodies and defining themselves by their appearances and how men treat them?

I don’t see the scantily dressed women in videos as possesions.

In addition, I see women using their sexuality as they wish, as their right.

I don’t see it as an issue of respect.

If scantilly-clad women is wrong, Lord, I don’t wanna be right.

Using their sexuality means that is all they have that is of worth, not rains, character, anything else.

Darn those kids and their “rap music” and “video games”! :mad:

Did you shake your walker at the TV?

Yes, I meant brains. :o

Er…MTV and it’s ilk have been doing so since 1982. You’re just noticing it now?

Damn kids and their hippity-hoppity!

I don’t view it that way.
Sexuality is just another tool in a person’s arsenal.

If I dress to the nines, tailored and wearing nice cologne, I’m trying to get what I want that way. I’m not concerned if a woman likes my poetry, although it may certainly evolve to deep conversations and such. But I’ve got a righ to present myself, and make a first impression, however I’d like. Right?

If a woman wants to show off her figure in order to get what she wants, I don’t see anything wrong with that. We use the tools the Gods give us.

Or it could mean they know what sells CDs and gets asses in the seats at concerts. There’s nothing wrong with good business sense.

Christ, this is dumb on too many levels to count. Generations of women? I think I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes.

Aha! But if you listen to the lyrics of Destiny’s Child’s song Soldier, it would appear that the women are objectifying the men…

So, if you use your sexuality, you have nothing else? Bullshit.

I’ve used my sexuality for years to make money as a dancer, and I certainly have more to me than just that.

Just because you’re proud of your looks and aren’t afraid to show them off does not mean you are void of character, intelligence, or anything else. Entertainers, especially female entertainers, do not get very far if they aren’t good-looking. That may not be “right,” but that’s how it is.

Women and men both have a choice whether or not to use their sexuality to further themselves. If you aren’t in favor of it, don’t do it. No need to act like the sky is falling just because some people do.

Women have always been possessions.

Do you not refer to your wife as My wife?

I’m not sure I follow this logic. I presume you’re equally upset at academics, because using their brains means that is all they have that is of worth, not sexuality, character, anything else?

In general, I get a little sick and tired of people prescribing acceptable behaviour to other people. Destiny’s Child and the like are no more objectified by dancing around semi-naked than I am by writing bank software for a living. In fact, I would say thinking they are says more about the observer than the alleged “object”.

Often it appears to me that we have people with a certain skill set, X, looking at people with a certain skill set, Y, and saying “Gosh, it’s so wrong to make a living using Y. People should only use X, because otherwise they have no character”. Huh?

Ultimately, I am sure there are situations in the world where people are unfairly taken advantage of, and this is wrong and should naturally be decried. But this seems independant on whether or not we’re talking about sex. Another example of this could be forcing employees in a depressed market to work 20 hour days just because you can. Objectified? Certainly more than Destiny’s Child, who are probably doing just fine.

Reeder, you do have a point. The word ‘rape’ has its genesis in the concept of theft. However, I do not believe you’re using the possesive properly in this case. Men aren’t property even though a woman can say “He’s my husband.”

How about “my husband” or “my accountant” or “my grandparents”. What was your point again? :wink:

The women in these videos are merely confirming the wisdom expressed in the Good Charlotte song, Girls & Boys:

“Girls don’t like boys
Girls like cars and money.”

This concept has been proved time and again, and so meets the scientific standards of verifiability and reproducability.

My wife likes boys and money but not cars.
There are some girls that like girls and cars but not money.
Some boys like boys and girls and cars and money.
I am a boy that likes girls and money and cars.

I am sure I missed a few, but you are exactly right, people get into all kinds of weird crap. Good point.

Sometimes men love women.
Sometimes men love men.
Sometimes men love both women and men they they’re called bisexuals…

hmm, i actually have quite a bit of self-respect and yet on occasion, i like to dress all kinds of sexy. i think it is a shame that people choose to focus on only one aspect of a person’s identity and make all sorts of decisions about them based on that alone.

i’m also, for the record, not that into cars. money is great for paying the bills but i don’t need a ton of it. and boys? well, they’re useful on occasion…