Girls - Weight gain during your period?

How much weight to you temporarily gain during your period? Does is subside as soon as your period ends?

I usually grab 2 extra pounds, but it does go away right after. I’m assuming it’s water retention (that’s what I learned from that commercial, anyway!)

About 2 pounds. I once went up 4 pounds overnight and, of course, I was due to weigh-in at Weight Watchers that morning. Oh well, at least I had an equally spectacular “loss” the next time.

2 or 3 pounds is fairly normal for me. It melts away afterwards (along with the cramping, the headaches, the nausea, the insane mood swings… :smack: )

About 3 pounds, but sometimes as much as 4 or 5 if I’ve had something with lots of salt, like pizza or Chinese the night before. It goes away within two days, thank god.

Anywhere from 2-5 pounds, depending on diet and weather (yes, weather - my gains seem to be higher during the winter).

I think it’s been more like 5 this past year. I look like a flippin’ beach ball that’s been had at by a tire inflater but it all goes away again after ‘water elimination day’ a.k.a. ‘don’t go too far from a potty day’.

A few pounds of water, which don’t fall off again until a few days after the bleeding stops.

4-6 pounds. Typically in the stomach and the boobs. I have to have a seperate set of bras and pants from period days.

yeah i reckon 4-7 pounds. Mostly in my boobs. And then as soon as my period is done i go straight back to normal.

My boobs swell up like water balloons. It’s very uncomfortable and my bras don’t fit right . . . good idea to buy a second set of bras for Big Boobage Week.

As much as two pounds, but not any more. I’m on the pill, though.

My weight used to fluctuate massively before I went on the Pill and then it stopped. Then I switched to Implanon and I do get some bloating in my lower abdomen sometimes, just enough to make my jeans uncomfortable but it only lasts a few days. That said, I don’t get cramps before my period, but during.

It’s got to be between two and five pounds, and I feel it in my breasts. They certainly become tender and swollen. All of me becomes tender and swollen.

I also have the weirdly clumsy thing going on pre-menstrual, which I thought was just nuts and just me, but apparently not. I literally, literally! not figuratively! walk into walls and doors and stuff flies out of my hands.

But yeah. Two to five, six pounds up pre-menstrual, plus the urge to eat Saskatchewan. While walking into walls and crying hysterically over nothing.

I just LOVE being a woman.

I don’t gain weight when I have a period, but every time I miss one, I gain about 30 pounds and a baby. :smiley:

4-6 lbs. More in the summer (which is almost all year here). I also get (even more) clumsy those days.