Give a movie the Highlander II treatment.

The most recent “bad movies” thread reminded me of an older thread about Highlander II in which Sublight said:

So imagine the following scenerio: After the phenomenally successful release of the first Star Wars movie, George Lucas had been murdered by a crazed assassin who then turned his gun on himself, leaving only the cryptic words “ewoks… midichlorians… Jar-Jar…” as clues before dying. Through a tragic case of not adequetly planning his will, Lucas’s death leaves the franchise in disarray and the partially completed sequel movie in the hands of the adjustors. What might have been the result? Or any other franchise besides Star Wars you care to offer?

Well the one that I’m afraid of is Terry Gilliams’ Don Quixote, which ahs indeed been seized by some French insurance company.

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So, you are not asking how best to ruin a film , but intsead how a sequire may have gone, had the writter died before completion, and a commite did the film anyway?

Well then, we would have something like A.I., I suppose. Also, Preditor might actually have more of a conection then the leads being cousins. However, for the life of me, I can not think of anything funny to say here.