Give Me a Can't-Miss Vegas Show Recommendation

I’m doing a four-day weekend in Vegas at the end of March for my BFF’s 40th birthday. I’d like to do one show each night. For the first night, I’m doing Terry Fator; second, Cirque du Soleil (probably Mystere); I’m blank on the third night.

Any recommendations? I was leaning toward the Amazing Jonathan or perhaps David Copperfield, but if there’s anything else that is a sure-fire hit, please let me know.

I don’t care for tittie shows or headliners like Cher or Donnie & Marie.

We loved Blue Man Group, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. If you like it, you’ll really like it.

Mystere is AMAZING.

Two comments:
(1) I really really did not like The Amazing Jonathan.
(2) I haven’t actually seen Mystere, but I can not possibly recommend KA highly enough
(3) Other shows I would generally recommend are:
-Penn and Teller
-Blue Man Group
-Phantom of the Opera (if it’s your cup of tea)

Penn and Teller. Hands down.

I haven’t seen them but have heard only good things…not to mention it works with your other shows…

Terry: Funny guy

Mysterie: Cirque

P&T: Magic show
Makes sense no?

I’ve actually seen Phantom of the Opera (multiple places) and Blue Man Group (Chicago), otherwise I’d be debating which of the two to see. I was hoping to catch Avenue Q, but it looks like their show has closed. :mad:

ETA: Penn & Teller sound exciting enough, but I have a bad taste in my mouth about them. They seem so sanctimonious and condescending (at least, they did on Bullsh*t).

Another vote for Penn & Teller. Yes, Penn Jilette’s act can be a bit assholish* but the show is both impressive and funny.

*He’s really not like that at all when out of character. They both meet the audience for autographs and stuff after the show, and not only are they both genuinely charming and funny, they are also clearly very appreciative of the people who come to watch them perform.

I would have loved to see P&T when I was in Vegas. Unfortunately they were on a break when we were there :frowning:

This is weird but honestly the best show we saw was the topless burlesque show at the Tropicana. I guess it’s not there anymore…now it’s called Jubilee! and it’s at Bally’s link.

I’m a hetero woman, in my 20’s at the time, and I loved it. Not for the tits - these girls are too athletic to be well-endowed - but for the amazing dancing. You’ll never catch me watching “So You Think You Can Dance” but I definitely loved this show!

Maybe it was just the epitome of an old-school Vegas experience for me or something, but it rocked.

They have an early show that is not topless, btw.

The Amazing Jonathan was amazing. Never laughed more in my life.

Though I would have picked Penn and Teller over him.

Cirque has a new show opening at Aria called Viva Elvis!

Everyone I know who’s gone absolutely raves about Cirque Du Soleil’s O, it seems to be considered the gold standard of Cirque shows based on what I’ve heard.

On Cirque I’ve seen O, Ka, and Love.

The first two are great (I give O the edge for amazing you with set design and Ka the edge for being somewhat comprehensible narratively). Love was pretty bad compared to the other two but not an awful night by any means.

Really enjoyed Penn & Teller. Amazing Jonathan may be great but I’ve been so turned off by him on TV that I’ve never gone.

Tony and Tina’s Wedding at the Rio is an awful night. It perfectly captures what it feels like to go to a wedding where you barely know the celebrants and none of the guests. Why anybody would want to capture this is beyond me.

So, no real help with a recommendation but figured I’d add data points.

I LOVED Beatles: Love.

I picked Penn and Teller over Amazing Jonathan, never did see AJ’s show, but I loved the Penn and Teller show. GREAT fun.

I’ll third Mystere.

Penn & Teller.

Steve Wyrick is good sleight-of-hand and cheaper than P&T. Also very family-friendly, if that’s a consideration.

If you want a topless show, hubby and I liked “Fantasy” at Luxor.

And for sheer fun, it’s really hard to beat King Arthur’s Round Table at Excalibur.

Saw Blue Man Group. It was “take-it-or-leave-it” for the $100 a ticket we paid.

I agree that Penn and Teller is a good show. I was actually more impressed that they stood outside signing autographs and taking pictures until the last person had left.

I saw the Cirque show Zumanity and enjoyed it. You get a combination of the amazing Cirque stuff, and boobies…best of both worlds in my opinion. The wife and I really enjoyed it and found it funny in as hell.