Give me a good reason why I shouldn't eradicate the human race!

I have a confession to make. My name isn’t really Demo. It’s not Democritus for that matter, either. My name is actually ÐnßæŠÅgrba. Don’t even try to pronounce it. I am actually from what you humans call the spiral galaxy X34. Yes, now you understand why I make so many spelling errors, not being of your world and all.

The reason I tell you this now is because I have decided to destroy all of humanity. I will use something I created in my lab to kill you all. I call it the flesh-eating virus, and it affects only humans. If that doesn’t work, I will just use my Big-Ass Laser ™, and wipe out the whole planet. I came to this planet approximately 4700 Earth years ago to observe your race and report back to my home world. Since that time, all I have seen is the human race become more and more agressive towards your fellow humans while, at the same time, slowly but surely destroying your own planet. Yes, I have become fond of some of you but, frankly, as a race, you are a bunch of ignorant, violent, bigotted fartlickers.

So, I am giving you one last chance to redeem yourselves. Tell me why I shouldn’t destroy you. I will be deaf to pleading and excuses; Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses, therefore use none. (Heh, I always wanted to say that. Old Willie was a gas.)
You have 72 hours.

The Simpsons

Chicken Kiev

Gorecki’s Symphony #3

Jan Saudek photography

Charlize Theron

Golden Marmosets




The Cubs are finally in first place…good lord, you’d eradicate us NOW!!!

Oh, please. Don’t do us any favors. :smiley:
But if you really need a reason, I have one:


Don’t eradicate the human race until halfway through October, 'kay? Thanks. I’m looking forward to smoochies under the stars in the Boundary Waters in August and smoochies by moonlight at the reflecting pool in DC in October. Let me get those smoochies, and then you can go ahead with your intergalactic highway construction.

Actually, if you could push the whole destruction thing back until the end of next January? I’m still convinced the Minnesota Vikings will pull it off, and given that this is Cris Carter’s last year, what better time for him to catch the Super Bowl winning touchdown in overtime and give the Vikes their first title? C’mon, you KNOW you want to see that too.

Come to think of it, would it be a problem to hold off the pain and the killing and the horror and the screaming HEY LADY until next May? Laura’s lease is expiring in April and then she’ll move in with me, and that’ll be even more fun and games. I’d like to be alive for that, if possible.

Or, hey, let’s make a deal- I promised my friends that I’d be engaged by the end of 2003, and said that if I weren’t engaged, they could break my legs. Let’s one-up that wager, and say that if I haven’t proposed by the end of 2003, you can wipe out the globe. That’s even more incentive, y’think?

But then, I’d like to have a year or three of wedded bliss, and then maybe a kid someday … I’m not asking much, am I? I mean, if you’ve been here for 4700 years, what’s the problem with waiting just another 50? Or 100?

“You done smoked yourself retarded!”

Oh, yeah. Chocolate and amusement parks are probably our two coolest things. And action movies. And supermodels.

We’ve secretly replaced Demo’s coffee sugar with a lysergic acid diethylamide/sucrose amalgam. Let’s see if he notices.

Oh yeah. If the Avalanche don’t win the cup, go ahead and do it. No other reason to live anyway.

As a matter of fact, you’d better just do away with LNO now for his own good…I mean, clearly the man’s mind is gone. Maybe no one told him that the Viking’s don’t have a decent running back any more :smiley:



I refuse to believe that Michael Bennett will rush and receive for anything less than 2500 yards combined this year. I also refuse to believe that Randy Moss will continue to be an inane immature whining brat.

Yeah, that whole Curtis Enis thing worked out great for the Bears, huh? :smiley:
Oh, back on subject- see, this is a great reason not to destroy the Earth. There’s so much fun to be had with Chicago sports teams!

sitting in bed on Sunday morning, reading the paper and drinking coffee, jumping off a floating dock into a river and not hitting plough mud, going to see your favorite band for free, turning the sprinkler on for the lawn and then realizing it’s just too damn hot not to run through it once, going to the movie store and finding the one movie you want just got returned, ice cream, seeing cute babies start screaming then realizing they’re not yours, finding a boxful of tapes in your attic and being able to play all the old compilations you made in high school, cheezy 80’s songs on the radio when you’re driving that you can sing a long to, finding out that karma in all its goodness has come back to whoop ass on that bastard/b*tch you finally got the courage to leave, and a tall glass of your favorite beverage, (beer, oj, water, whatever) a good book, and a hammock on a warm afternoon under an oak tree.

Sorry it’s run this long… Just wrote what I was thinking, and didn’t really feel like going back to fix it…

Yeah. I have a friend who says she ‘doesn’t believe in credit cards’. You know what? They still exist.

Curtis is long gone my man. We will not be an offensive powerhouse…but Mr. Urlacher will make sure that you don’t score either. :smiley:

Let us both agree: The Packers Suck.

Right! When the Cubs win the World Series I think that will be everyone’s cue to jump on the great cosmic ark to another planet :slight_smile:


You post on The Straight Dope[sup]TM[/sup] Message Board, and you’re asking for a reaon NOT to destroy humanity?!

Feh. The blindness of some alien races…

Go ahead. It looks likely that the Cubbies (gotta love 'em) are going to take the pennant, and the series. As we all know, that’s a harbinger of the Apocalypse.

Just give it till November, so I can laugh at Steinbrenner’s sorry ass.

<The Tick> You can’t destroy the Earth! That’s where I keep all my stuff! </The Tick>

which is remarkably similar to:

<Bugs Bunny> You can’t blow up the Earth! All the people I know live on the Earth!<Bugs Bunny>

Which brings me to one of the best reasons for not sending us all screaming into the abyss -


I know for a fact it’s a statistical impossibility that any other life form in the universe could come up with something as funny as “Rabbit Seasoning” or “Duck Amuck”.

So c’mon… At least give me until mid-October. I jus’ GOTTA see if our kid comes out okay…

'course, if she comes out looking like me, then by all means let 'er rip. I sure as hell don’t wanna unleash a female with MY ugly mug on a planet that’s ill equipped to handle the consequences.

Then again, if she comes out looking like her mother and you STILL insist on blowing her to Kingdom Come, well, you and I might just have to tussle…

Ya know what? I can’t think of any reason not to destroy the earth. Have at it.


I’d like to see my children grow up.

You shouldn’t destroy us because we are the only race in existance that will lie about a piece of thread being invisible to save our skins.

You shouldn’t destroy us because we have Penn & Teller
(Anyone catch the reference?)

Can you at least start with other nations NOT represented on the SDMB, so that we can feel superior for a few fleeting moments? No? Damn. I tried. Okay, how about these for reasons:

  1. If we lose, then Earth gets the first pick in the next draft.

  2. Given the aliens we see (ALF, Mork, et al) on TV, I wonder about the success rate.

  3. Mountain Dew. Drink of the gods.

ÐnßæŠÅgrba - you’ve forced me to break out a secret weapon of massive destructive power…

THE Ultimate Weapon

ÐnßæŠÅgrba - you’ve forced me to break out a secret weapon of massive destructive power…

THE Ultimate Weapon