Give me ideas for a HS grad present.

My husband’s boss’ daughter is graduating this month.

We’ve been invited but cannot attended. ( Prior -and more fun - commitment.)

I haven’t bought a grad gift in awhile.

Scratch that.

I haven’t bought a grad gift that wasn’t for a cousin, which is usually a themed gift of Foods you Can Make in Your Coffee Pot (ramen noodle soup, oatmeal.) With family you can do weird things. :smiley: )

But, I want to give something practical, yet very much liked.

She and a girlfriend are going to be in their first apartment.

Mr. Ujest and I joked about getting a couple of bean bag chairs, lava lamp, head phones and a beaded curtain to help them start out right. :smiley:
We also have another young man who is graduating, and I would like to send a card with a little something in it. Preferable a gift card, but am not sure what would be uber-cool for a young guy.

A gift card from Crate and Barrel sounds just right.

Maybe a Target gift card? Crate and Barrel is really nice, but it doesn’t strike me as a guy kind of place, and you can get lots more practical stuff at Target. Target would probably not be uber-cool, though.

For the girl, if you want to go with a gift card, Crate and Barrel would be nice.


are there ikeas in the us? get a gift card from there that way they can pick out the little things for their house. my aunt offered to pay for 1 year of my satellite service , which was good because it was less bills on me. so after i ghraduated from hs and moved out thats what she did and that was very cool. even if its something you cant keep you are helping them out…giving them free satellite service for one year…hehe or whatever bill…

There are Ikeas in the US, though they’re few and far between.

I gave a complete set of the OED as a grad present, but it’s not for everyone. A bit spendy, too.

I don’t suppose you have any clues what she might be interested in, or what major she’s pursuing? Something might suggest itself based on that.

Well if you wanted to get them a gift card to someplace they could buy lava lamps and bean bag chairs and the like you could try Spencer’s Gifts if there are any in your neck of the woods. If not then I second the Ikea or Crate and Barrel suggestion. The easiest thing may be money because, (as someone who is also graduating this year) I know that college is extremely expensive and moving out just adds on to that expense.

Two of the handiest gifts I got when going away to college (four years ago) were:

–A heavy-duty hamper with brand-new towels (I think they were green); and

–A home-made first aid kit, complete with Midol, Pepto-Bismol CAPSULES, band-aids, cotton balls, Neosporin, etc. It was SO HANDY on so many occasions, I can’t even tell you.

How about a padfolio? I mean one of those leather folders that holds a legal-type pad of paper with a space for a pen and a pocket on the left side.

I got a really nice one with my name embossed on it when I graduated from HS. It proved to be really useful; I carried it on the first day of classes each semester to take notes on what I’d need for each class. It’s also handy for interviews and meetings; you have a pen and paper for notes and it looks professional. It’s been fifteen years since I recieved it but I still have it in my desk, ready to go at a moment’s notice for meetings or whatever.

something like a Shell gasoline gift card

For the boss’ daughter: Since she’s going into her first apartment, she’s going to need things like kitchen gear. How about something along the lines of a large pot filled with some kitchen utensils, and maybe a box or two of pasta and a jar of sauce? When my cousin Danny graduated, he was moving into his own place–I got him a gift of a set of cheap dishes, silverware, a saucepan & skillet, and some utensils (spatula, spoon, and tongs). He said it was one of the better gifts he received because he had nearly nothing for the kitchen. If you want to make it easy, I think a gift card to Target so she can pick out her own stuff.

For the young man: Well, it depends on if he’s going on to college or not. What about a gift card to Barnes & Noble? If he’s moving, I’d second the Target/IKEA/Crate & Barrel idea.

How about a STURDY linen laundry bag or two, (I’m thinking of almost army duffel size) a sturdy net bag for socks and undies, and a couple of rolls of quarters if she’s going to have to go to the laundry mat. Maybe throw in some laundry soap, and dryer sheets?

A set of kitchen utensils is a solid idea, put in things that she will need, but won’t think to buy, like a collander, spatter screen, cheese grater, potato peeler, paring knife, knife sharpener, hand can opener ect. I recently bought some of this stuff for some friends who got their first apartment. A good electric can opener is not a bad idea either. Throw in a rubber jar opener too. :slight_smile:

A set of good quality canisters is not a bad idea, (check the clasps for soundness) if they don’t store beans/pasta in there, they can use them for change and general “catch alls” for small items.

Does she drink coffee? How about a coffee, or tea maker, with a supply of tea/coffee and sugar?

Hope you find a good gift.

Hmm, add laundry baskets to my first suggestion.

I could use some help in the grad gift department too… my sister is the grad, and she will be moving into a dorm room roughly the size of a shoebox. She’s a graphic design major and I know of some art books she’s been wanting (Pose File), but they’re hard to find and rather expensive. Mom and Dad will be furnishing most of the stuff for her dorm, so I dunno if I can help out that much there. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You didn’t mention if she’s going away to college or going straight to work, but Airman and I are getting his sister a gift card to Wal-Mart so she can replenish personal stuff at school without worrying about having cash for it.


I am going to ask her dad just how far everything is for her from her apartment. The Target card, I think, is a great idea. So is the coffee pot/coffee gift. If she doesn’t like coffee, I could always get a bunch of coca cola on sale and wrap that up.

Pot is usually a fairly safe choice. Always a big hit.