Give me some streaming media!

I just dumped my DSL. I did it primarily out of spite towards my local telephone company.

See, back when they were the only game in town, in terms of broadband service, they treated people like crap- ‘You’ll get your service when we’re good and ready. Got it!’. Stuff like that. Not to mention their switch to MSN as the content provider and you can see why it keeps me up at night.

So enough I said!

I went with the ruthless bastards at my local cable company for my service. My thinking, obviously, is to pit these two behemoths of capitalistic greed against one another- ‘Well, hey, my cable company can go lower than your price by twenty bucks, and their faster too!’ ‘OK, OK, sir, you got us. Will you stay with us if we give you two months service for free?’ ‘Ask me nicely, pal!’

I envision loads of fun.

Until I decide I’ve had enough of the cable crappola, and switch back to DSL, I’d like to at least enjoy what it has to offer. But, alas, I can’t seem to find any uses for this screaming connection outside of real-time porn.

So, I turn to you, the masses, for help in finding me some content that doesn’t completely suck. I wanna watch movies, international news, action packet sports, full frontal nudi… oh, sorry, I want high speed streaming media baby!

I’m a thirsty traveler in the desert looking for an oasis… a little help?