Give me the X-files in 3 paragraphs...

I loved the X-Files, and caught most of the episodes back when it was on. But as time has gone by the plot has faded from my memory. I do remember a lot of twists and hard to remember alien subplots. Not to mention a couple of Muldrers who kept disappearing/reappearing.

Would it be at all possible for you to summarize the story in 3 paragraphs to tie together and explain everything that happened? A daunting task I realize, but I can’t put the show together in my head anymore. What was the big conspiracy? How many different aliens were there? Who were really the good guys and who were the bad?

Shit happened.

The writers got confused.

Scully gave away her baby.

They finished the series with a clip show.

Four paragraphs, but probably more than it deserved.

Bitter? Me? No, of course not. Just because you watch a show weekly for 9 FRIGGIN’ YEARS and they DON’T BOTHER TO RESOLVE A DAMN THING… hell, I’m not bitter. It’s just a TV show, of course. :wink:

Maybe that’s why, years later, I am so confused by my memories of the show.

Well, they didn’t resolve anything. Except that Mulders sister was not kidnapped by aliens, thereby making the past “search” an exercise in futility.

But what Scully did with William was just… immoral. Dumb. Idiocy on the point of frothing-mouthiness.

Problem: You have a child that is the focal point of an interstellar manhunt. People are going to be gunning for the kid his entire life.

Solution: Abandon him with some farmers in Montana, hope nobody figures it out.


The truth is out there.
No, it isn’t.
Yes, it is.
Shut up and kiss me.
Or not.

Hell hath.

No fury.

Like a scifi fan disappointed.

-Joe, shoulda been a poet

This should have been spoilered and posted to the Lost thread.

It was great,

And many fans loved it,

And then the eighth and ninth seasons were total and utter unmitigated pieces of crap.

(And Kythereia’s not a bitter person. Really.)

I am reminded of the time I perused the day after Jose Chung’s From Outer Space first aired.

Somebody wrote a message saying that he’d missed the episode, and asked “Can somebody post a brief plot synopsis?”

I’m pretty sure that the only possible response to that question is “No”…


So what happened to her? I stopped watching at season 6 and Wiki doesn’t say.

This is the best I can do for you. The best I can tell, a small part of the US Government found out that some aliens are planning to colonize Earth, killing off the natives in the process. The Conspirators cut a deal with the aliens in order to save their skin, but it doesn’t work out so well.

Scully’s baby was an attempt at a hybrid that could somehow save the human race, I think. It turned out to be normal. I think.

The aliens will invade on 4-22-2022 or around there sometime, and there’s nothing we can do about it, and the general public is still in the dark.

If any of you bitter-beans can correct me, I’d sure appreciate it

She’s got an entry.