Give me tips for selling my house

I’ve put my house up for sale and decided to get the paperwork done ahead of time. I’ve workmen coming the week after next, but the estate agent (realtor) is sending people round already. The house is, of course, not really fit for viewing, and I’m working hard on that.

There are lots of wesites, like this one, but I’d really like your personal tips.

So far, I’m trying to make a virtue out of necessity by telling prospective purchasers that they’re two weeks early.

De-clutter. Next to curb appeal, I think getting rid of clutter is the most important part of selling a house, even if you have to rent a storage unit to do it.

What you’re looking for is things you can do to make your house and yard look a lot better really quickly, without spending much money or huge amounts of time.

Here’s some outdoor suggestions:

Keep the lawn mowed, trim the shrubbery, trim dead branches off of trees where practicable. If you’ve got flowerbeds sitting empty or partially empty, get some $10 azalea plants, and plant them in the beds.

Decorative mulch (the kind with the redwoodish color) in the flowerbeds is good. Brightens things up, and I swear the lawn looks greener by contrast. If it isn’t either lawn, pavement, pool, deck, or woods, a layer of mulch does wonders.

If you’ve got decks, siding, etc., get someone to power-wash the siding, and put new stain on the deck.

If it’s been several years since you’ve had fresh sealant put on your driveway, do that or have someone do it.

Both of my parents sold real estate for 30+ years.

Some of their tips… (aside from the good ones already mentioned here.)

Buyers snoop. All cupboards and drawers should be neat and organized. Expect them to look EVERYWHERE that ain’t locked up.

Wash your furnace and hot water heater. People inspect them closely.

Removing needless furniture helps to make the rooms look bigger.

Try to hide any evidence that a pet lived in the house. If the house was smoked in, you may want to wash or repaint the walls.

Remove items that you will be taking with you, if they don’t see it, they won’t want or expect it to be there later.

Re-caulk the tub if needed, make all minor repair where possible, patch holes and re-paint if it needs it.
A couple of hundred bucks spent in a hardware store could be worth thousands more on the offer.

Good luck.

repaint any areas that have vibrant colours in neutral tones.
fix leaky taps… ( 5 cent washer can cost you thousands if not replaced)
all kitchen appliances clean and cupboards well stocked,m but NEVER crowded
bathroom fixtures should spatkle
air freshener in a herbal or spice scent
Windows clean
walk away from your house… now walk up… ignore the fact that you live there… what is your first impression? Adress any issues that hurt curb appeal…

remove the meth lab from basement


The ‘sell your house’ shows are big on removing all your decorative objects except a very few. If you have the kind of house that’s festooned with homemade wreaths and the like, they also count as ‘clutter’ and should go away. Think of how show suites for new developments look - everything is neat as a pin, places are decorated nicely but not with lots of stuff. You want buyers to get the feeling of light, space, and cleanliness.

I should say that I have workmen coming in to sort out the kerb appeal and minor repair aspects. The problem is that they’re not coming for 10+ days!

If this isn’t too late: in a tight market the Realtor you select is one of the most crucial things you can do, the tighter the market the more crucial this decision is. Most folks would never dream of saying I* have chosen a guy to handle the most critical financial process in my life. Why? Well because he sent me a flyer in the mail of course * -or *I saw his name in a real life newspaper *- or *she was my Aunt’s pal.
Make sure you trust your Realtor – check references, previous sales, familiarity with your situation and neighborhood, make sure you are comfortable with her/him as your business partner and then check your gut - If you decide to go with them then: LISTEN TO THE REALTOR AND DO AS HE/SHE says - you are paying them to know more than you picked up on TV or from when you sold your house last time 5 years ago or what you saw when your friends sold their house in another neighborhood 18 months ago.

I’m sure you’re doing a good job, but why on earth would I give you a tip for selling your house? Not like it does me much good.

I swear, tipping these days is really getting out of control.

When I was selling my house it was spic and span from top to bottomus. Every single closet/cupboard was decluttered except for the essentials. When people came to view I would put on a pot of coffee (for the pleasant smell) and bake a dozen cookies (again, for the pleasant smell).

I was trying to sell in a depressed market and ended up having two offers on my house. It sold for just a little over the asking price. It wasn’t an especially fantastic house; it was just clean and smelled good! I seriously think that is why it sold as quickly as it did.