Give me your bulb planting tips

A friend is coming over this afternoon to help me plant a mess of bulbs in my yard, mostly daffodils and tulips. Before we get started, share your gardening advice with me. Any good Doper tips?

Pointy end up. Two bulb heights down. A little fertilizer under the bulb, mixed in. At least two bulb widths apart. The further apart you plant them, the longer you can go before you have to dig them up and separate them.

I just saw a gardening show on this, but I’m having trouble remembering. I think it’s tulips that shouldn’t be watered much in the summer. The bulbs can rot if they stay wet after the leaves have died down. So think of that while you’re choosing locations. (And double-check the information.)

Oh, and gardening gloves keep you from having to clean dirt out from under your fingernails.

Have fun.