Give me your crazy movie theories


The ending of The Quiet Earth: He’s in Heaven.

A couple on Angel Heart: The guy who is always cleaning up blood isn’t Robert DeNiro. It’s the the real Harry Angel who went to Hell for Johnny. He’s damned to clean up after Johnny. Also at the beginning of the film you hear whispers “Harry? Harry?”…at the very end you hear “Harry?” and a reply “Johnny?”

The fans always turn when Harry enters a room because he’s damned to Hell.

Pulp Fiction: Who killed Marvin? God did.

Samuel Jackson set himself up as some badass avenging agent of God. God heard that shit and said “Oh? So you my N***a? Alright. Then I’m gonna save your ass. And I’m gonna save your buddies ass too. But from now on that ass belongs to me. You do what I tell you to do.”

In the Bible, Jesus wants the disbelievers (John Travolta) and he wants the believers (Samuel Jackson) those lukewarm fence-sitters he will spit out of his mouth. So during the conversation about whether or not it is an according to Hoyle miracle:

Travolta: “Marvin what do you think about all this?”
Marvin: “Man I don’t even got an opinion.”


I like the one on Cracked that James Bond is not a person but a title and that accounts for his varying appearance and non-aging over these many years.

Sounds like a good theory to me. “James Bond” would just be the alias of whatever agent currently held the position. Really why would an agent like Bond want to use their real name?

Doesn’t explain why Roger Moore’s Bond was touchy about George Lazenby’s Bond’s dead wife.

The trouble with the Bond as codename theory is that there have been many references to past events making it clear that this is the same person.For example, the references to the death of his wife in TSWLM and LTK.

I prefer to think of him as a closet Timelord, with the ability to grow a new body if one is too severely injured.

Lazenby’s Bond quit the service and hit the bottle because he lost his beloved wife. Moore’s Bond took over the role because he lost his beloved little sister. :wink:

She slept around.

…and did Daniel Craig grow up on Sean Connery’s childhood home in Scotland?
Sean’s gonna be pissed when he finds out what Craig did with it.

Each Terminator movie takes place in separate parallel universes that split off to account for the paradoxes(?) that John Connor sent back his dad, Cyberdyne used the remains if the T-800 to (eventually) develop the T-800, Judgement Day did or did not happen, etc. As such, there is no canon as the histories differ from universe to universe.

Not a movie, but a TV series.

I believe that Basil died at the end of Fawlty Towers. The last episode is the one with the health inspector. Basil is frantically trying to keep the inspector from seeing Manuel’s pet rat, until he presents it to him with the biscuits after lunch, and keels over. It ends with Manuel dragging Basil’s body out of the dining room and Sybil observing “oh, it’s raining again”, which is pretty much how they’d react to Basil’s death. And there is a reference somewhere in the series (maybe even that episode) in which he predicts he’ll die of a brain aneurysm or something.

Yeah, well, like grandfather, like grandson.

Mr. Belvedere was like Mary Poppins or Gandalf, a spirit sent by a celestial body to help humans

Howdy Doody was animated by a demon who held Cowboy Bob’s soul.

It’s the only way it makes sense!

From TV.

Columbo had a psychic ability to detect murderers. He still had to find the evidence though.

This is actually official canon.

Maybe in this timeline.

I’ve posted my Pulp Fiction theory before.

I have my own Terminator Theory. Terminator 2 was actually Skynet’s Plan A to get rid of John Conner. The Terminator in the original movie was Plan B but we see it first because it happens first chronologically.

So basically Skynet sends its advanced prototype to kill John himself and at the same time or shortly after sends a T-800 to kill his Mom further back in the past, just in case the first one fails (yes verb tense is weird when you talk about Time Travel). The human resistance sends back a captured T-800 after the prototype (knowing a human would stand no chance against it) and then Reese after the T-800 before destroying the Time Travel equipment.

Except if Vincent is dead, then Mia can’t get at his heroin and she lives anyway.

Edit: Well, I read the thread. I can buy that Vincent’s living possibly gets Butch the extra balls to not throw the fight and maybe swears Mia off drugs. Maybe.

It’s been a while since I last saw T2, but I don’t think that stands up to the dialog/plot. I’m pretty sure it’s said that Skynet sends the T-2000 after they’d sent the T-800. Plus, the remains of the T-800 from the first movie lead directly to creation of SkyNet, and it hurts my brain to think how much it’d have to loop back for your theory to work. :slight_smile: