Give me your humble opinion: Video conferencing software

I am in North America, My son is in South America. We both have web cams and Microphones. The last time he used MSN on his grandfather’s machine, it came down with a very nasty virus, even though he had the up to date anti virus software installed (Mcafee). It took him (father in law) forever to work it out, and in the end a full format and do over of the system was required. He says it was a virus that travels the MSN network, so now he will not re-install it. Thus I’m looking for a good, cheap (free?) alternative that you have experience with, there is lots of software out there and I would rather not download all of them then start testing. The software doesn’t need instant messaging or be able to chat with the whole wide web, just software that will allow us to safely video conference at pre-designated times.



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